Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday Thoughts

Another Thankful Thursday is here!

Today I feel led to tell you a story about when we adopted two of our children from The Philippines. We were living there at the time, as Joel was stationed at Clark Air Force Base. It was getting close to our departure date for leaving the country and we needed the courts approval to be able to finalize the adoption of our two babies and bring them home with us. Some of the legal system at that time was very dishonest, and the lawyers wanted us to pay them money under the table to get the signed legal papers that were necessary for us to leave.

About a week before we were to leave for the States, I went to my weekly inter-denominational prayer meeting. It happened to be at the base commander's home and I asked for prayers about this situation. After everyone shared their requests and praises, we began to pray. At this time the base commander's wife came over and motioned for me to go with her into the other room. She told me she wanted to help us, and handed me the phone. As I said hello, I found myself talking to the Ambassador at the embassey in Manila about our situation! Then I was connected to the Mayor of Angeles City, where we lived near the base. I shared my story once again and he told me not to worry. Just a few hours later my husband received a call from the lawyer apologizing to us and telling us we could have our papers that afternoon. He kept saying, "I did not know you knew the mayor....I did not know you knew the mayor."

God intervened! He answered our prayers in a "to God be the glory" kind of way, and we were able to bring our whole family back home to the USA just a few days later. At that time we were only the second couple to ever be able to adopt two children from the P.I. while serving in the military.

Today I am giving thanks for our two precious miracle babies who are now wonderful Christian adults with children of their own. I am giving thanks for a mountain moving God who loves His children beyond our own imagining. Praise His Holy name!


Malva said...

Renee, your stories about your life experiences in the Philippines and elsewhere are such a blessing to me. Wonderful testimonies of God's grace and provision and miracles!
Have you ever thought of writing a memory book about it - even if only for your family and friends (if you haven't done so already)?
It would be such a beautiful gift for your children and grandchildren, for many years to come.
Blessings and thank you for sharing God's grace and wondrous works.

Renee said...

Thanks Malva...glad you find them a blessing. I have thought of writing them all down in a book ~ Lately I have been going over the years of God's special blessings and they would be a good memory gift for our kids and grandkids!

Good to hear from you Malva.

Jan Lyn said...

Thanks for sharing your family's story about bringing your children home. Adoption is an amazingly beautiful gift and the memories remain so vivid if you've experienced it. I thank God all the time for our daughter.

Renee said...

Thanks Jan Lyn! Children are such a precous gift.

Debra W said...

Your story filled my heart with joy!

Renee said...

So glad Deb