Monday, February 2, 2009

God's Pleasure

I am writing this on “Libby”, my laptop. Her full name is Liberty Laptop. It may be unusual to name your laptop, but, then, I guess I am an unusual person. I have named her Liberty because of the freedom she brings me. I can now sit in my recliner and look out my window while writing to my heart’s content or until my arms tire! I believe God has given me the desire to write, and having this laptop makes it easier to do so. I am so very grateful for this luxury.

It was just this past Thanksgiving that my daughter-in-law and son gave me~ Libby~ her “old” ~ all of 15 mo. old~ laptop. I was overcome by such a generous gift and still am. It has truly changed my life on a daily basis. I also remember when they were here what my son said about giving to others. Several of us were having a theological discussion and he mentioned that when he gives to others it makes him feel good and it used to bother him, until he realized that it makes his Heavenly Father happy and that is what he feels ~ his Father’s approval. I have thought about that many times since.

Today I was reading my Daily Guideposts and the subject of God’s approval came up again. Daniel Schantz was telling the story of Eric Liddell which is what the movie, “Chariots of Fire”, is based on. Eric’s sister felt his desire to run in races was frivolous since Eric had plans to be a missionary. His response was very interesting to me…”God made me for a purpose. He also made me fast. When I run I feel his pleasure.”

Daniel Schantz goes on to say about himself, “To do what God designed me to do is to feel his approval.”…..”To develop those gifts and use them for others is like a conduit for the power of God.”

We are created by God and each of us is unique. He has blessed us with a variety of gifts and when we use these gifts for God’s purpose and His glory, we do feel His pleasure ~ It makes God happy. When we open our hearts and give to others, we feel His pleasure. Do you give of yourself or of your resources to others? Are you a teacher? Do you fix cars for a living? Maybe like me you love to write…or your desire is to be a full time mom or dad….maybe you take care of a loved one who can’t take care of themselves. Whatever you are doing to develop and use the gifts God created specifically within you, it will fulfill His purpose for you and bring you joy. It will also honor Him and He will honor you. You will feel His pleasure!


Jan Lyn said...

Interesting read...I've tried on many "purposes" since becoming much more ill 3 years ago. Lately, I'm thinking it's simply to be faithful in this pain and to take care of family the best I can, but I'm trying to have open ears for God's purposes. (A few I've tried have not worked so hot!)

What a wonderful gift of a laptop as it does make life so much more comfortable rather than sitting at a computor desk. Nice to be able to connect and I'm grateful for mine. Looking down at it now, I see I have completely worn down the "N" on my key!

Your blog is an encouragement spiritually to me.

Renee said...

Glad you are enjoying my blog...I feel the same way about yours. Being faithful...yes, that is what God desires, isn't it. His purpose may be as simple as loving Him and letting Him love us. Doing the best we can where we are at in the moment.
Thanks for your comments.