Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grace Me Again Lord

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith~and this is not from yourselves ~ it is a gift of God."
Ephesians 2:8

One of my favorite books is by Gracia Burnham entitled,"To Fly Again". It is a sequel to her book, "In The Presence Of Mine Enemies" which is the true story about the year she and her husband spent as hostages with a terrorist group in the Philippine Islands where they were missionaries at the time. Her husband Martin is killed during their rescue and her second books covers her life after his death, and how God's love and grace continues to bless her and her family.

In her second book she uses a phrase that is more like a prayer. "Grace me again, Lord." As Gracia's life slowly moved forward she realized that her life was not over. God still wanted to use her to further His kingdom. She trusted God to still make something more of grace her again with His blessings and guidance.

This phrase really resonates with me, and I use it when I find myself in a number of different circumstances. It is one we can all keep close to our heart. When life feels burdensome....grace me again, Lord....when illness or death strikes....grace me again, Lord.......when we are confused about what is going on today, struggling with our past, or worried about our future....grace me again, Lord.....when fear or discouragement come calling....grace me again, Lord......when we need His strength to carry us....grace me again, Lord...when we need encouragement....grace me again, Lord.

If you look in the concordance of your Bible, you will find countless verses on grace. They confirm over and over again how much God loves us. God's grace never ends!

Grace me again, Lord!
"The Lord bless you and keep you,
The Lord make His face shine upon you
and be gracious to you
The Lord turn His face towards you
and give you peace..."
Numbers 6:24,25
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Karen said...

Renee, what wonderful words of encouragement. Love that word too!
Thanks for sharing with us today, may you be encouraged today.

NanaNor's said...

Renee, Thank you for sharing this today. I haven't heard of this sister but hope to find one of her books.
Have a joyous weekend.

Sherry said...

Thank you. I like that... grace me again, Lord. My husband died Dec. 2nd of last year, his anniversary is coming up. Not only is the seasons hard but the fact that I can't share it with my loved one makes it harder. If you don't mind. I will keep that in my heart and use it when Dec 2nd arrives and at other low times in my life. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hello Renee, I really enjoyed this post. Thanks also for sharing about the two books. Wishing you a good aternoon.

Susy said...

Like all of God's nature and character, grace is so multi-faceted. Thank you for the reminder of his great Love that comes to us through grace alone.

Ruth said...

thank you for this encouraging post!


Virginia said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us today.
Much Blessings,

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

"Grace me again, Lord!" I like that! And it is only by His grace that we can carry on in the face of adversity. I have learned this myself, over and over again. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.


Anonymous said...

Grace me again, Lord. My prayer today.

Thank you for sharing.

sarah said...

Hi Renee...I read Gracia's first book and have loaned it out to so many people b/c she tells her story so candidly. I figure if she can still be as strong as she is after all she went through....then I can too. I really want to get her second book. I didn't know she had written another one. Thanks for this.... :)

Whidbey Woman said...

Wow. Renee, this is an awesome post. Thank you for such powerful words of encouragement!

Joan said...

His grace is sufficient. A wonderful encouraging story.


Lisa notes... said...

I love this, Renee: “Grace me again, Lord.” I’m currently reading “Evidence Not Seen” about a missionary in New Guinea during World War 2 whose husband also died. There are some tough, godly women out there. I would hate for my faith to be tested in that way and be found failing. Their stories inspires me though.

So thankful that God’s grace never ends! Hope you’re doing well.

Annesphamily said...

This is such a beautiful encouraging post. Thanks for sharing today. Anne

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful outlook and reminder of our Father's unlimited grace toward us. Totally unearned...completely undeserved...yet abundantly given!

Charlotte said...

Thank you for another encouraging informative post. This is now my prayer too. Grace me again, Lord.

Donnie said...

This was a lovely post. Your words were so meaningful. Have a blessed day.

Deb said...

What a precious post! Thanks so much for praying for our daughter about her tonsillectomy. I know there is POWER in PRAYER!!!

Sandra said...

This was/is fabulous. Grace Me Again, Karen said, your post is a wonderful assortment of encouragement and so welcome in this frosty world. I've always loved those verses, they speak to my heart, always.

Lisa Buffaloe said...

You bless me again.

Oh Grace me again, Lord!

Praying for you, sweet lady.

Kathy said...

Love reading your reflections. I know I need His grace day by day, time after time - always!

Jan Lyn said...

I'm going to remember that, Renee...that simple prayer, Grace me again Lord.
You are so brimming over with encouragement. May God continue to encourage and bless your journey.
Jan Lyn