Friday, October 14, 2011

Tugging On God's Arm

"Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, "This is the way you should go," whether to the right or to the left."
Isaiah 30:21

A year ago Joel and I decided it was time to make plans for our retirement move.  Joel is on ELCA disability until he is 66 due to Lyme Disease and CFS, so we thought it was a good time to move.  We started talking about where to retire, packed a box here and there, and prayed hard for direction, asking for this house to sell and the right house to buy.We made the decision to move back to Joel's home town to be close to his aging mother, and contacted his cousin and a realtor. We prayed, read scripture, and prayed some more all the while working hard at moving forward in our plan.  We were sure we would be moving this summer and we just knew God was on board!

Even though we were looking online at houses, not one felt "right".  Then the end of May I had a strong reaction to a new treatment that kept me mostly horizontal for 2 months. I finally started to get better in August and at my last appointment the doctor was seeing good improvements in me ~ and Joel?  He had regressed and our doctor suggested he not work even 15 hrs a week.  We know treating chronic Lyme is a roller coaster ride, but we were still very disappointed.

We began to reassess our plans.  Sitting still before God this week, we suddenly could clearly see how we each were acting like an impatient child ~ you know~ a child who has hold of his or her daddy's hand and is trying hard to pull them forward.  "Come on Dad...hurry up!"  A child that was impatient to get where he or she wanted to go. 

With the patience and guidance of a loving Father, we had an aha moment of understanding and came to a place of acceptance.  This is where God wants us to be for now.  From a practical point of view it makes sense.  The economy is down, the housing market is bad here, our health is still at a challenging level, and if Joel does get well enough to take another pastoral interim position, this would be a good place for that.  More importantly for us is God's point of view.......HIS plan.  And we believe His plan is for us to stay put.  Sometimes God must just shake His head at how hard we try to "make things happen"!

Certainly, we all have times in our lives where are impatient for our plans to fall into place.  Sometimes we believe we are in God's will, and find out later that our own desires were getting in the way. Maybe we are so eager to move forward that we don't take the time to sit quietly before God, and listen for His guidance.  Thankfully, if we are asking for His guidance He will close doors and open windows,  as He tells us to "go to the left...or go to the right...or "be still".  He does know best. 

"Be still and know that I am God"
Psalm 46:10
Guess it is time to unpack those Christmas dishes!  And I plan to sing praises while doing so~ believing that we are right where we are supposed to be, and in His perfect ways when it is time to move He will lead the way.  I am guessing we won't need to tug on His arm at all!

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Sherry said...

It wasn't that long ago that my sister and I thought a move was in store for us. After looking around and not getting the go ahead from God, we also decided we need to stay put and make our home more special for the both of us. Grass isn't always greener on the other side. We just need to find the pot of gold right before our nose. Thank you for this good reminder.

That corgi :) said...

Visiting from Spiritual Sunday; I truly agree that God has you both where he wants you to be. It seems like you did the right steps too to seek where you should be, pray about it, think about it, plan a bit, look into options, etc. I've come to gradually accept where I am at is where God wants us to be, but I sure came down here kicking and screaming (we moved to be closer to hubby's parents in their elderly years, took over one of their houses, etc but its been somewhat of a nightmare). I prayed hard before we moved; never felt really good about it but hubby was gungho about it so in support of him I went along with it. I still have my doubts, but I do think God wants us here.....

I hope the weekend is a restful one!


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, With this economy and all that is happening in our country it was wise to just wait-but that is always hard isn't it.
There are so many struggling now; it will be good to taste and see what the Lord has for you. Praying for healing for you both.
Hugs today. Noreen

Pamela said...

You are such a beautiful child of God and you inspire me to be more -- more in tuned to God's will, more accepting of His will.

Love the title of this!

Praying for Joel's health.

Sarah (Nikki) said...

HI Rene....I heard Lyme Disease is brutal and hard to treat. Your post is awesome....encouraging and a great reminder that He really does care and guide us....Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Charlotte said...

What an encouraging post. I can identify. A few times my husband and I had the idea we wanted to move to another town and work with another church. When things didn't work out for the moves we realized later it would not have been a good thing. When it was time to move, we had no doubt God was leading and doors opened. I'm so glad He is in charge. He sees the big picture and that is usually hard for us to do.
Happy Autumn days and years.

Whidbey Woman said...

Ron and I are members of the ELCA church,too! So there's another thing we have in common. Keep walking in faith and trusting Him.

Lisa notes... said...

So sorry for the health issues, Renee. Those make for hard times. But I'm glad you are getting direction from the Lord that he will keep using you right where you are. Christmas dishes and praises!

Annesphamily said...

God's timing is perfect isn't it? He knows what we need before we think about it! Your story is a beautiful one and I thank you for sharing.

Michelle said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I'm glad that it brought you some peace. Praying for you and your husband with your illness. And it's true that everything in God's plan will happen in His time. I can see that from my past and things that have happened. It doesn't make it any easier to wait, since we're human. Just enjoy your time while you wait. Have a blessed Sunday

Gayle said...

The hardest place I've been has been the "waiting room." Very hard... I enjoyed reading this practical story and faith as you are walking.
Gayle from Behind the Gate

Rina said...

I'm God's child who is acquainted with most of the things you mentioned here: great desire and plans, tugging hard at God's arm, impatience now and then, then finally accepting His plan, His will, His timing, etc., and settling with ALL THAT in unwavering faith.

I've found out that there are numerous graces in keeping still and waiting patiently, and always with eternal weight and impact.