Monday, February 6, 2012

Memorial Box Monday: Always Enough Part 2

Memorial Box Mondays posts started with Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity. I am linked up with her blog post today, so stop over there and read other stories of God's faithfulness to His people.  Today I am sharing the rest of our story as a testimony of how God always provides!

As I sit writing this post, I can hear our new washer in the basement quietly spinning out the rinse cycle.  Sitting right next to the washer is a matching dryer that we were not sure we would be able to purchase.  God had other plans.

I wrote a Memorial Box Monday post a couple of weeks ago about our washer needing to be replaced, and how a gift of money we had given someone a couple of years ago was returned to us "with interest" just after Christmas.    We were going to put it towards our medical when the washer took a turn for the worse, so we began to search for the right washer for us.  We were also thinking and praying about a dryer too..ours had been purchased 22 yrs ago used from an estate auction.  A matching set was on my agenda!

We went to Sears to check out what they had, and we could buy a nice washer and a cheaper dryer that did not match,  and most likely be able to cover the cost, but we went home to look up ratings first.  While doing so we saw a different brand, an LG that had 5 star ratings for both the washer and the dryer...we called Sears and they said they would have to order them as they did not have any in stock.  It would take us out of our budget and we would have to go into our emergency fund to buy both but we were still considering it.  I googled the LG and found out our Best Buy store here in town carried them so off Joel went to check them out.  They were on sale quite a bit, and while looking at them Joel saw a washer that had a ding at the bottom side near the back.  They told Joel they wanted a certain price for the washer, he called me and I suggested he offer them a lower price which he did.  The guy went and talked to his boss and we were able to buy the washer for $520 LESS than the original price and  $240 less than the sale price. AND because the washer is energy star rated, we will get back $100 from our electric company.  It made it possible for us to buy the dryer too!  Anazing!  Only God!!

They are home, installed, and working well.  We are giving thanks for how God provided us with just what we needed and for the right price.  We were able to use the gift of money "with interest" and add just a little more cash and purchase the set!

God is faithful and loves to bless His children.  We love when He provides a story to go with the blessings so that we can give HIM the glory!!


Susan A said...

Wow, that is awesome, praise the Lord!!! :) that's quite an amount that you've saved... :) love His blessings... that reminds me of my mom and her prayer for a new sofa... she doesn't have her blog up yet, but once she does, she'll be including that as part of her MBM story! God is soooo good! :)

Renee said...

Hi Susan A Thanks for coming by..We did save a great deal of!!! I look forward to reading your moms stories too.

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Your last sentence...
"God is faithful and loves to bless His children. We love when He provides a story to go with the blessings so that we can give HIM the glory!! "

really struck me. How wonderful that the Lord provided to meet your needs, but how exciting that He gave you a story. One you would remember and re-tell and a memory that would encourage you in the future- a story that allows Him to 'show off' and receive all the honor and glory.

Alisha said...

His provision is incredible- faithful God! Thank you for sharing your MBM story. :)
We needed to get a new washer too recently. I never realized how wonderful of an item a washer is till ours broke. Often when I wash clothes, I think about the many people in Haiti that wash their clothes by hand. I praise God to have a washer too (saves so much work and time.) Thank you Lord!

Renee said...

Hi Kelly
Thanks so much for leaving a comment...appreciate your sharing very much!

Renee said...

Yes, ALisha...we are blessed to even have washers and dryers...more than most of the world has! We feel so blessed to have our new set!