Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday's Scribbles

Good morning from our corner of the world...........where the corn grows tall and the mosquitoes are plentyful!  Our weather has been great with temperatures in the low 50's at night and high 70's during the day.  Loving it!  Alas, the 80's are returning  with some humidity but I cannot complain.  Great weather to be outside walking.

Speaking of outside, last Saturday my brother Todd was married to his fianc√© Jeannie in their backyard in Southern Minnesota.  It was a nice day and it was good to see family again.  We enjoyed some great visiting,  good food, and fun dancing before heading back home.  Our granddaughter Abbi helped Grandma learn the macarana dance and a few others!

Jeannie and Todd with Todd's mom, step-mom and siblings

Wedding party
Dancing.....I am in white jacket 
Joel officiating at the ceremony
Sunday Joel was filling in as pastor for a friend, so we were up and off to church by 8am and once again stopped at Cabin Coffee before leaving town to head back home.  Have you ever had their all fruit smoothies?  The Mango/Squash combo is unusually good when you think of blending squash and mango together.

Joel is preaching again tomorrow, this time at our old church where he served for ten years.  That is always fun as we get to see old friends and be back in a place that holds many memories.  So far no interim position is available and that is okay.  He is enjoying the time off, riding, writing, and "putzing". 

Part of that putzing this week included fixing our Grandmother clock.  We had a clock made back in the Philippines in 1975 while stationed there in the military, and purchased the insides for the clock from Germany.  About 12 years ago it stopped working and with both of us being sick it was not a priority to have it fixed.  We decided for our 45th wedding anniversary we would have it restored.  Joel researched what was needed, ordered the parts, and planned on using the instructions that came with it to restore our beautiful clock.....but no instructions came with the parts!  He eventually found the instructions online and as of last night we are now hearing our clock chime again.  Sweet music to our ears!

This week we have stuck around home with daily walks for me and biking riding for Joel.  We watched some of the Voices of the Apostles conference in Orlando live stream on Thursday and Friday.  Randy Clark and others taught.  Something powerful happened behind the scenes for us that I will share on a later date. 

We are finishing pastor Paul Teske's book, "Healing For Today".  Last Thursday when we were reading it suddenly dawned on Joel that his dyslexia was gone.  g.o.n.e.  At the healing service in June he went up for prayer for his hearing in one ear, which was restored.  He also spoke a "by the way" concerning the dyslexia but it was not until last week while reading that he realized it was gone.  I wrote about it here.  We are doing a thank you Jesus dance!!

This weekend is a reunion for our Bible College....The Lutheran Bible Institute/Golden Valley Lutheran College which was located in Golden Valley MN, a suburb of the Twin Cities.  We both graduated from there in 1968 just a couple weeks before we were married!  We would have loved to have gone, but other events kept us from attending.  LBI shaped our lives and gave us a foundation of faith we still stand on. 

Hope you all had a good week. 
Until next time................


Donna said...

Renee you look like you are having a GREAT time dancing!! I'm so glad that you go there and had a blast! Good good all good. I have lost track a bit, and for that I am sorry... summer has been a bit of a tizzy around here. I just wanted to say hi, and you look beautiful! And thanks for stopping by my page! xoxox

Anonymous said...

It's so good to read your weekly posts and hear how well you two are doing. I am always so happy for you both. YaY!!!

I loved seeing the pictures of your brother's wedding. It looked like they had a lovely wedding. Everyone looked beautiful. You looked amazing. Happy, healthy-they look good on you. ;-)

What a neat gift to give one another for your anniversary. I bet it was so nice to hear it chime again.

Glad you and Joel are both doing so well. I'm anxious to hear your other news. ;-)
Hugs, Ginny

Michelle Holderman said...

Always enjoy reading your scribbles, Renee. I'm also enjoying hearing about your new adventures. You look like you were having fun in the pics. How are you feeling overall these days?

~ Michelle

Sharon said...

Look at you go, girl! She's a dancing machine! The pictures look like everyone had a really great time.

I love catching up with you and Joel - you make me feel like I've been there with you in all your adventures.


Pia said...

love the photos, renee. i love weddings.

Pamela Root said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing :) You look fantastic and so healthy!

Renee said...

Hi Donna
I did have a good time dancing!

Renee said...

It was a fun time, Ginny. I love the way you say healthy and happy look good on you! Ha!

Renee said...

Hi Michelle
I am doing pretty well, thank you. Walking, traveling, etc. life is good...I am not there yet, but I am on my way!

Renee said...

Awe thanks Sharon!

Renee said...

Hi Pia.....good to hear from you.

Renee said...

Thanks Pamela!

Kim said...

Catching up on all of your stories today. I love hearing about your daily life. I've been limiting my online time lately as you mentioned in your earlier post, so it's nice to stop by and hear about everything you've got going on. It looks like a beautiful outdoor wedding for your brother! I hope the mosquitos stayed away for the day!