Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stone Fences, Blue Ocean Water, And A Family Connection

I left you with having just arrived in Connecticut.  Thursday we decided to cancel our first day in New York and headed instead to the beaches on Long Island Sound at Sherwood National Park in Westport.  It was windy and a bit chilly, but we had a great time walking our mile along the ocean shore.  The water was so beautiful, the sky so blue!  We really could not believe we were there, but we took plenty of pictures to document it!

We ate lunch in the warm van with a view of the water, then took a short nap before driving to a Whole Foods to stock up on a few essentials and a yummy rotissiare chicken.  The hotel had a fridge and microwave so we ate almost all our meals there. 

When we told our family the dates for our trip, our oldest daughter let us know that she and her hubby and two kids were going to be in Connecticut at the same time!  They were flying out from the Midwest for a long weekend to be with our son-in-law's sister and her family.  We could not believe it....and to make it even more "only God" they were going to be only 20 miles away from where we were staying.  So on Friday we drove up to their home to visit with our daughter, SIL and family!  It was surreal to be giving them hugs in Connecticut! 

We left early and found a nice area next to a chapel to eat a car lunch.  We had been told about the stone fences in CT and we were not disappointed to find them along the way.  So beautiful!

We had a great time seeing family and connecting with our SIL's sister and family.  They were such gracious hosts.  We also got in a short walk on the hilly road around they area.  Life is often stranger than fiction isn't it! We headed back to the Hilton later in the afternoon for a rest and meal before the opening night of the conference.   Stone fences, walking along the ocean, and hugs for family.......Another great couple of days on our adventure!

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