Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you all from our corner of Iowa where we are enjoying Fall weather.  This time of year I declare a repetitive statement .....I love Fall!!  This morning I watched it rain leaves off the locust trees.  The squirrels are storing up winter food, and the robins are gathering as they fly south.  Yesterday we saw so many resting in the trees as we were walking.  The geese are also flying more and filling up our empty field here in the association.  Sadly, they are going to take our one planted field and build houses there soon.  The air is quite chilly in the mornings so I have been able to dig out my wool comforter and enjoy sleeping with our windows open.  We are convinced that wool really has healing properties~~ I have been sleeping this whole week 9 to 10 hours as I snuggle in under Woolie, my comforter.  When Joel had arthritis he wore fingerless wool gloves to sleep at night and his hands felt so much better.  I'm telling you, wool is a gift from God!

Joel has been riding some and he and the neighbor were able to see a coyote on one of their recent rides.  In 2015 I saw one walk a few yards in front of me in Arizona as we walked on a sidewalk down a very busy street.  It rendered me speechless, I could only point and say....oh....oh!  We hear them once in awhile here, but seldom see them.

Speaking of Arizona, our friend Dw, Linny's hubby, was stung by an Arizona Bark scorpion this past week.  They are the most venomous and he was in excruciating pain for over 24 hours.  Several days later his foot is still completely numb!  He and their older daughter helped him search it out and kill it.  They found yet another and 6 on their outside walls.  Okay then.  The neighbor said they search them out and found 18 outside one night on their property.  Must be that time of year, but I'm telling you, they give me the creeps.  Thank God it did not get one of the kids!

Speaking of Joel, he is off to Minnesota (an hour away) to his favorite day of the year..Rendezvous Days.  He spends the day stepping back in history and enjoys watching muzzle loader competitions, talking to some of the people who are there, and also listening to some great music.  The food always is enjoyable, too.  It is one of the few places he blends in with his boots and hat!

Speaking of boots and hats, last night's segment on CBS with Steve Hartman was so great.  It took place in Oregon when a "real life cowboy" rode his horse in to the local Wal-Mart.  As he was going inside he heard a woman scream and yell out, "he stole my bike!".  As he looked around he saw a young man speeding by on a bike.  He went to his horse, jumped on and took out after the young man....when he got close he took his lasso and "roped" the guy, bringing him down and tying him to a metal post.  He then called 911 and told them to send the police to pick him up.  What a conversation that was!  I'm thinking we need more cowboys to ride up and rope some thieves,  rescuing damsels in distress......giggle......

Yesterday we went to the Farmer's Market.  We have noticed this year that prices have gone up and up.  We decided to buy ourselves a special treat from our favorite organic vendors, so we came home with cinnamon rolls.  I try to eat one thing with sugar or regular flour only twice a month, usually a scone.  Serious about that.  I don't like what sugar does to me or my body.  Anyway we came home and for the first time ever it tasted horrible!   We ended up tossing them in the garbage.  We did pick up a squash and hope we have better luck with that!

Last week our 87 year old neighbor asked Joel if we were interested in her treadmill, since she did not use it anymore.  She just wanted to get rid of it.  It excited me since we have wanted one for the bitterly cold winter days.  We went and looked at it and then she told us she was getting rid of her one coffee/sofa table and end table, too.  They were beautiful and in good shape.  She had a loveseat we said no to and that went to Salvation Army, but we said yes to the new-to-us sofa and end tables.  Don't they look great?!  They blend well with our other furniture too.  Joel will help her with fixing the outside covers of her basement windows and we plan to give her a gift card as a thank you.  So delighted by this out of the blue surprise.

end table

sofa table

We have been reading the book "Spiritual Awakenings" which has given us insight to our relationship with God and what ways we like to worship. They mention several temperaments, nine I believe.  My top three, as told to me by the test I took, are enthusiast, contemplative, and sensate.  No surprise I guess, but great to read Gary Thomas's thoughts on these and others.  Of course we discern his thoughts, but have learned quite a bit from this exercise.

I am back to coloring again to relax, watching Charis and Bethel teachings, and am actually reading a fiction book by Anne Perry that I picked up at the library....slow moving....intentional for this hyper-sensitive lady. .  What are you reading?

Until next time.........

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