Saturday, July 1, 2017

Saturday's Scribbles Revisted

It is Saturday morning and the sun is shining here in our corner of the world.  Joel is off biking and I am enjoying the beautiful view from our living room window while I read another "Cat sitter mystery".  Yep, you heard me right.  I went to the library this week to pick up some fiction books to read, hoping to pass the time as my back and body heal from yet another surgery.  I found a book about a lady ex-detective "cat sitter" who helps solve crimes.....of course she does!  (Giggle)   I like lightweight mysteries and these fit the bill.  I am on my third book now in 6 days.  Yeah.......this is partly why I do not read fiction much, I get into a book and can't get my nose out of it until I finish it!

I also get into the characters in a book, so I am very careful what I read or watch.  It affects me big time.  I like the characters in this series, so I have been walking around or laying around with my nose in a book, grateful for the distraction as I rest and restore.

One of our granddaughters is over in Europe right now as part of a Leadership Conference combining cooking classes with looking at ways to solve world hunger.  So proud of her and praying she has a wonderful time visiting London, Paris, Rome, Florence, and Milan in the next two weeks.  It is an amazing adventure for someone so young!

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of what our front garden looked like this year.  I say looked like because the deer came two nights ago and again last night and ate every day lily but one lone bloom.  We had been putting Irish Spring soap shavings around everything and nothing had been touched, until now.  Sigh.  I asked Joel what we should try now to keep them away and he replied...."How about a shotgun!"  Okay, then.

The mosquitoes are just now showing up here.  I often wish our porch was screened in.  We would be able to spend a lot more time sitting outside if it was.  Still, we are grateful for the green space we have and the views from our deck, porch, and extra large windows.  I can't help but think back to our carefree childhood days when laying in the grass did not require a " tick check" and we did not even think about mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases.  We spent countless hours at the lake laying in the sun using Coppertone lotion or baby oil mixed with iodine to darken our skin to a nice tan.  Well, we know how that turned out for me I guess.  I can still smell the lilacs in our back yard and see the peony bushes heavy with blooms.  The laundry hung on the line and Saturday nights were "bath nights" getting us ready for Sunday mornings.  My siblings, myself, and Gr. Jo were texting and laughing about our Sat. night trips to the A&W root beer stand in our hometown this past week.  We would be in our P.J.'s and sometimes have rollers in our hair and head out for a special treat of root beer in frosty mugs and bags of popcorn.  We stayed in the car of course.  I was a young teen but don't recall feeling embarrassed at all.  Just a family ritual I found comforting at the   time.  You could even buy a big jug of it and bring it home to have root beer floats.  Yum!  Do any of you remember or still visit A&W root beer stands?  There are a few left around.

Here is hoping your weekend is filled with great old memories and plenty of new ones as we welcome July!  Here's to root beer floats, parades, fireworks, and friend/family gatherings. Here is to good books, recumbent bikes, and sunshine!

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NanaNor's said...

Just stopping by dear friend to see how you are. Glad you found a good book at the library! May His healing touch continue to minister life to you.
Happy 4th of July.