Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Old Gloves And Old Habits

I pulled my gloves out of my coat pocket and put them on as we drove down the street.  A couple  minutes later I noticed that the tip of the finger of my gloves had unraveled and I had a big hole from which my finger protruded.  I had something similar happen before and I had just sewn up the gloves but this time it looked like I would need to replace them.

I started to think about these gloves that I had worn every winter for.....let's, it can't be.....I had worn them for 13 years?!  I had purchased them on clearance for $3.  They were a wool blend and a light blue color that went well with my coat. They were washable and kept my hands warm, so what more would I want.

We were shopping the day my finger wiggled at me through the hole in my glove, so I decided with Joel's encouragement to look for a new pair. I found a pair of isotoner gloves half price.  A bit of a a funky two-toned color, but when I tried them on they were such a good fit I bought them.  As I wore them I came to realize that my old wool blend gloves that I did not want to let go of kept my hands only half as warm as these new gloves. I kept saying to Joel, "Wow, my fingers are staying so warm" as we went in and out of stores.  Why had I waited so long?  I missed my old familiar gloves but had no complaints about the new ones. 

It seems I was so comfortable in the familiar that I did not realize my $3, 13 year old gloves were not serving me well anymore.  Of course Holy had to use this small circumstance to bring to mind other things I hang on to because they are comfortable and familiar and have worked in the past.  Maybe a bad habit.....or a way of coping with stress......or just stepping out into something new.

Speaking of stress, Holy has been making me aware of the techniques I use to cope with a stressful situation.  From childhood until my senior season, I feel it in my stomach first.  I may get very quiet or still while my mind is racing.  I go to the worst case scenario and work my way back when news is bad.  The fight, flight or freeze responses all come into play.  It has taken a toll on my body, so Holy has been bringing to my attention other ways to cope with that which shakes us.  We remove ourselves from the place of fear and stand with God on that beautiful place of trust.  I have to tell you, it is a work in progress....and God is patient as He walks with me on the journey.  It really is a good place to be though.  Letting go of the old for the new. 

So, I can't help but ask, do any of you have some "old gloves" you need to let go of for some new ways of living?  Are there any old habits, or coping devices that need replacing?  Holy is always in the business of making us more like the image of Christ, He definitely guides us on our step, one decision one "new pair of gloves" at a time. 


NanaNor's said...

Dearest Renee, Today I was feeling very anxious about a blood test I had to have and a song came on the radio-that said No longer a slave to fear, You are a child of God. I have been singing it all day-because like you, if I'm stressed I get a nervous stomach and can loose weight in a couple of days. I kept telling myself how much the Lord delights in me and how He is my healer. He calls us His own and will help us with physical issues as well as spiritual ones. Sending big hugs and love your way!
In His Name,

«†Renee» said...

Yes I must admit I do....