Friday, November 7, 2008

Seasonal Changes

I woke up to something new this morning! It's snowing...big fluffy gentle flakes of snow falling from a gray sky. The ground is still too warm, so the snow is melting, but as usual I always enjoy the first snowfall. By the end of January I will be ready for it all to be gone, but for now I am enjoying the new landscape. Our hanging geraniums are still outside my living room window ~ they froze last night and will soon be gone, but today they look pretty with a blanket of snow on them. It is nice to have a fresh view and I look forward to another season~ winter. Kind of like life, too. A change is often what we need to give us a fresh outlook.
I think this is one reason I like the holidays. It is a change, and we can focus on something besides our daily humdrum of living. It is a time to celebrate and give thanks.
Soon we will have a new president. No matter how you voted, it cannot be denied that this is a big change for our country. To be at a place in history where an African-American man can be elected president is a giant step forward. And let us not forget that a woman was also in the running as the first woman vice president. We may need time to really grasp the significance of this, but it does give me hope for our country's ability to truly say and mean that all men(women) are created equal. Having grown up in the 60's, having raised a multi-racial family, and having lived around the country and in a foreign land, I have observed and experienced "secondhand" some of the unhealthy ways people think. I know how important this election is to not only black people but ALL people. We can only hope that this "seasonal change" will unite us.
Today I am enjoying the view once again from my sofa sanctuary. The landscape has changed ~ it is now a view of roofs blanketed with snow and colors turning from vibrant reds to subtle grays~ then in a few months spring returns along with vibrant colors that lead us into summer. The seasonal circle continues.Just like life, the seasons change and I am going to lay back under my Woolie (my wool comforter), and enjoy my view.

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