Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happily Ever After

Last night I watched what I call a B- movie on the Lifetime channel. It may have been a C+ it was so poorly written...but I was exhausted and wanting to escape my life without making too much of an effort to do so. Thus the C+ movie....with the happy ending of course! Now I must confess, I like my movies and my books to have happy endings. Once in awhile I read or watch something that does not qualify, but mostly my option is a nice ending. I just finished reading a book my daughter Naomi had brought to our home over Thanksgiving to give to my daughter Bethany to read. It was accidentally left here so I decided to read it before shipping it off. It was called The Woods and was a NY Times Best seller. It did NOT have a happy fact the whole book was heavy and depressing...not good reading for a person who really gets into the books she reads. I kept reading it thinking it would end up well in the end...that is the way I like things to end up ~ happily ever after. It did not and it left me feeling like..."is that all there is?" Back to the movie: It had a simple plot, but unrealistic adventures, etc. and it ending happily. I could turn out the light and go to sleep knowing all was right with the least the world of TV!
As a Christian, I can have the same happy ending. Life is not always fair. If fact, it is downright hard at times. Sometimes I verbally respond to struggles with one of Erma Bombeck's titles for a book she wrote ~ "If Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries, How Come I Get All The Pits!". BUT no matter what comes my way ~ good, bad, or ugly, and like everyone else I have experienced it all ~ when I die my life will have the happily ever after ending. Eternal Life with Jesus Christ my Lord.
An ending that is worth waiting for!


Chrissy Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I find both of yours interesting, and a good example of what I was thinking about.

It's good to think about happy endings doing Advent too, because there are some pretty happy things that come at the end :)
I'll be keeping up with you.

Renee said...

What a nice surprise, Chrissy Joy. Thanks for stopping by! I will be doing the same at your "place".
Yes Advent is a good time of preparation and waiting.