Saturday, December 27, 2008

Incredibly Human

The other day I was reading a blog and came across the words "incredibly human". I don’t remember the blog, the posting, or even the writer….just the words…incredibly human. They jumped out at me and grabbed my attention at just the right time.
I must confess… has been difficult for me to accept myself as I am ~ imperfect. I wanted to be the perfect wife, a wonderful mother, beloved grandmother …..a person who would make a big difference in the world……an INCREDIBLE human being who would be remembered for her goodness and great accomplishments. A bit over the top, right? Still, these were my goals. BUT, alas, I have tasted failure in every area I mentioned ~ more than once. It has been hard to let go of these failures and sometimes I get stuck in the sludge of my own self-criticism.

I have spent a lot of time looking at what it means to be incredibly human. According to my husband, I am good at beating myself up. I like the term incredibly human as it has a place within it for forgiveness, kindness, and understanding. It reminds me that self criticism is self defeating. Because I am incredibly human I am going to make mistakes. Dwelling on my mistakes has at times given me little room to enjoy a full life. It is time to shed that negative pattern of thinking. All I have is the present. I plan to take this “present” ~ this gift of today and clean out the cobwebs of focusing on my life as an imperfect person so I can truly enjoy the life I am living now….as one who is incredibly human while being an incredible human.

I also gave thought what makes someone an incredible human being. I think my definition has been flawed. Always striving to be someone else and not accepting who I am is exhausting! With new insight I believe we are all incredible humans because we have been created in God's image, we are loved, and we have been wonderfully made. These are words we need to wear like a warm blanket.
Incredibly Human + An Incredible Human ~~~A good combination for us to embrace.


Chrissy Joy said...

The term incredibly human gives me a feeling of incredible humility. To realize our deficiencies in areas, and looking for the person or persons who can help us fill those holes. Asking for help when we need it, but giving to others when they are in need.

I hope you've had a great Christmas as it continues through the New Year.

Renee said...

Thanks for sharing your definition of being incredibly human, Chrissy Joy!

May 2009 bring you a bounty of blessings.