Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess!

Today our oldest daughter is 39 years old! Where did the time many years ago when she was born ~ a beautiful healthy baby, a happy toddler, a bright child, a gifted pianist at an early age, growing into a passionate, strong, and beautiful woman of God, now living her own separate life with her own family ~far from home...far from the necessity of mom and dad's arms.
As mother and daughter we have a few similarities. When she was tiny you could not tell our baby pictures apart. Our profiles are much the same still to this day, but she is tall and I am short.....she has such beauty and I am average. We both are Highly Sensitive People in tune to people's energy, but she also "sees and senses" things beyond this world and I do not.
Like any mother, I see my children through the eyes of deep love and pride. Our oldest is very smart with a high IQ and a joyous vibrant personality that draws people in but at the same time she can be shy. She feels things deeply. She loves life, laughing, having fun, and mostly views life through rose colored glasses with the glass half full...or 3/4!! There is a positive energy that surrounds her. She loves her husband and children with a fierceness from deep within. Don't mess with her family! With her artistic and creative mind it seems there is nothing she cannot do.
Today I give thanks for her ~ a precious gift we were given by God to enjoy and nurture for a short period of time before we encouraged her to go out into the world for herself. I miss her. I miss her terribly. I miss them all, but today I give thanks for our oldest.

Happy Birthday Princess!


Jan Lyn said...

How beautiful! I'm just beginning to realize how quickly the years go by now that my oldest has turned 18. I feel like Rip Van Winkle with my illness as well--really just waking up to the fact that my children are now 3 years older since when I first became most seriously ill. This reminds me I need to be as "present as possible" in the moment, although in pain.

You are blessed, but may you feel comfort today for missing them, Renee. oxo

Renee said...

Thank you very much Jan Lyn....The years do go by so quickly!! I have often said, I can spend my days bonding with my sofa and STILL they seem to go by quickly!