Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grateful/Thankful Thursday

Today I was reading a blog I enjoy, A Place Called Simplicity and the author, Linny, spoke about a book she and her husband are reading entitled, The Encore Church, by Wayne Cordeiro. She quoted the author below:

"Gratefulness, is different. It can only be developed intentionally. It begins with a spirit. It's an attitude, a disposition that we carry whether or not things go our way. It's being content before any gifts are given. It's breathing a silent "thank you" regardless of what the circumstances are. It's the hallelujah with no guarantee of a blessing. It is the confidence to accept whatever God brings."

Linny and her family has gone through many challenges in the past few months that would break down the average person. And yet, they have made the choice to be grateful regardless of what their circumstances are. Accepting whatever God brings. Grateful BEFORE any gifts and answers to prayers are given. They are an inspiration for us all.

Today on Grateful/Thankful Thursday I am giving thanks for people like Linny who are willing to share their journey of faith with us. I am giving thanks for what I have been reminded of this day in regards to gratefulness. I have so much to be grateful is time to take out my gratitude journal and start writing!


Lisa Buffaloe said...

Good post and points, Renee. I'm joining in the gratitude attitude.

Renee said...

Thanks Lisa!

Jan Lyn said...

What a good reminder to me. I began a gratitude journal a little over a year ago, but have gotten a bit lazy. I think I will start it up again--thanks Renee

Renee said...

Hi Jan Lyn
I have been keeping a gratitude journal for a few years but I have gotten lazy about writing it in too ~ thus the good reminder!