Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday Thoughts

I spend a lot of time in doctor's offices. Mostly for treatment of Lyme Disease but also for other problems that have come up in the last 3 yrs like a breast biopsy, trip to ER from a car accident, an abnormal EKG, cataracts, H Pylori stomach infection, reoccurring stubborn yeast and bacterial infections and a procedure today I choose not to name. I really do NOT like to go to the doctor so this has been a challenge for me. So how do I find thankfulness in all of this?

By going back to the same verse I mentioned in the previous post:

I Thess. 5:16-18 "Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

I am not thankful for my present circumstances and the challenges ahead, but I am thankful that in these circumstances I AM NOT ALONE. God is with me and His will for me can be trusted. His will for all of us can be trusted.

So today, thank you Lord for the wisdom and skill my doctors have. Thank you for nurses who care for their patients and procedures that give us answers when there are so many questions. Thank you for a husband who comforts and reassures me whenever it is needed. Thank you that on every step of my journey Jesus walks with me!


Jan Lyn said...

Dear One, I am keeping you in my prayers. I feel much better and safer at home and dislike going to the doctors/hospital too. I spent a full day at one this week as well. Thank you for your faithfulness and example and scripture you have shared. Your words always lift me up.

Renee said...

Thank you Jan Lyn. I am so comforted by what I read on your fills me with a sense of peace which has been difficult to keep this year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,
I first read what you had to say on Connie's Lymebytes sight and was wondering if you can give me more info or details on your NAET practitioner treating you for Lyme. My 2 sons and I are seeing a practitioner in Hastings, MN and during my oldest sons 1st visit she told him she could treat his Lyme. I'm just wondering was it quite a ways into treatments before you were able to treat the Lyme and you had mentioned how much better you felt since you were treated... can you be more specific? I am hopeful that when we are treated for Lyme from our NAET doctor that we too will start seeing positive results in our healing of Lyme. You can e-mail me at Any info on this subject would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Renee said...

Hi Terri
I will email you information...Thanks for coming by.

Denise said...

May God bless you.

Renee said...

Thank you Denise~!