Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Looking down our street, we get a sense of the amount of snow that has graced our area this year.  In fact, since we took this picture another 4 inches has fallen.  The sky is so blue, and the white frost on the trees so beautiful, we just had to try to capture it in photos. 
The flu has kept me close to my sofa and Woolie (wool comforter), but there is so much to see out of our windows, I wanted to share my view with all of you!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful views you have shared with us. The photos remind me of postcards! I'm so sorry you are sick and I pray that you soon will feel better. Keeping you close in my heart Renee.

Karen said...

Renee, just couldn't help but try to imagine the quietness of it all. It amazes me when we get (our little bit)the stillness is amazing. Reminded of the verse
in Psalms when you said you were staying close to Woolie ~ He gives snow like wool, He scatters the frost like ashes. Psalm 147:16
:) Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Joan said...

Renee - this is beautiful! I know you all must get tired of all the cold and snow, but we get it so infrequently here that I enjoy it.

Now if you asked me about our long hot summers - that would be a different matter. :)


Renee said...

Hi Mildred...glad you enjoyed the photos...Sending prayers your way too!

Renee said...

Hi Karen
Love the verse.............

Renee said...

So glad you enjoyed the photos...I think I would prefer the cold tot he long hot and humid summers..;)

Joan said...

Hi Renee - thanks for your prayers regarding my husband's job. Just wanted to pop over and say hello. I'll pray for you.