Friday, February 18, 2011

Morning By Morning

"The Sovereign Lord has given me his words of wisdom
so that I know how to comfort the weary.
Morning by morning he wakens me,
and opens my understanding to his will."
Isaiah 50: 4

This verse above speaks to the alone time my husband and I have been scheduling into our mornings.
We always have devotions together in the morning, but we decided around 3 weeks ago to keep the TV off in the mornings, and have quiet time alone before having breakfast and devotions together.  It has changed our days dramatically.
I shared once before that I sit and visualize myself going into a garden and sitting on a bench next to Jesus or sitting at His feet.  Sometimes I put my head in His lap to be comforted, sometimes I ask Him if there is anything I need to learn.  Other days I ask Him a question.  And then I wait for His answers to come...and so often they do.  Quietly and calmly, filling my heart with peace and joy.  After three weeks of this routine, I find myself getting up every morning anticipating this time alone with God.  My desire is to be obedient to His will in my and in the future.  As the verse above says, he is opening my understanding to His will.  I feel humbled by His response to my feeble attempts to speak with Him.
When Joel and I come together for devotions, often our alone time thoughts come together with our morning devotional books, giving us confirmation of what we are learning. 
It has been suggested that this time of visualization may be my imagination at work.  Okay by me.  God uses the imaginations of our minds to teach us too.  After all, His Holy Spirit resides in us and often intervenes when we do not have the words we need.  This is a precious gift that I am giving thanks for.  And another precious gift?  The fact that due to our illnesses we have plenty of time to spend in this way.  It is one of the many gifts that has come from Lyme Disease.   We are blessed.


Elaine said...

Beautiful Renee!

Jan Lyn said...

As always, it is such a calming time of blessing and peace to visit in this place. This is wonderful. I have been reminded lately that God has giving us a sense of imagination and even playfulness, though we are adults now through my Christian Spiritual Formation classes. I love reading it here. It is like a confirmation. Thank you for being such a beautiful witness to God's great love for us!

Sending Love,
Jan Lyn