Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dancing In The Rain

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass
it is about learning to dance in the rain!

 I grew up in a family where dancing at home was just part of our daily lives, and as a teen I liked to go dancing on the weekends and my siblings and I would often dance in our living room.  In college I took modern dance and for most of my adult life I could be found dancing alone around the house.  When my mom would come to visit us we would often do the two step together.  The last dance we shared was at our daughter's wedding, when I twirled her around in her wheelchair.  I love to dance!

Unfortunately, Lyme disease has robbed me of my ability to do much of anything right now. Dancing is still in my heart, but has not yet returned to my feet. That is why the quote I shared means so much to me, and when my daughter recently gave me a candle holder with these words on it I found myself smiling.  The day will come when I can physically get up and dance~ even in the rain, but until that time my desire to dance remains in my heart. 

Dancing equals joy for me, and God promises that joy will return in the morning. He also tells us to rejoice in all circumstances.. and when we rejoice, an amazing thing happens.  We begin to smile!  We begin to see things with God's eyes.  We are renewed.  We are filled with hope.  We dance in the rain.

Shall we dance?

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Elaine said...

Shall we dance?? I so hang onto the truth that someday one way or another we will be dancing anywhere and any time we want.

It'such a wonderful joy to know that. Your daughter was very thoughtful to get that for you.

Blessings to you,

Lisa Buffaloe said...

My soul is dancing with you, sweet friend. Lyme has slowed me down the last few weeks but my spirit keeps moving. :)

Praying for you!

Lisa notes... said...

I'm sorry your body can't join your heart in the dance. One day it will break free though and you can show us all how it's done. Praying for you, Renee.

Pamela said...

It's raining here but I'm not sure I have the energy to dance. :-) My heart dances when my feet cannot.

Jan Lyn said...

What a great attitude you have. I could just hug you across the miles!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Amen! Renee, Let's dance !
Beautiful post !

Charlotte said...

I danced (tap and ballet) when I was a child. As a teenager I went to a church that condemned dancing - period. My mother loved to dance when she was growing up but quit because of religious reasons. After she got older, had dementia, and was in a nursing home, she danced up a storm at the dances they had in the home. She forgot she wasn't supposed to dance. And after all those years of not dancing she never forgot how to do it. It still makes me smile to think of her out there dancing her little heart out. Now I believe she is dancing in heaven.
I look forward to the day we are all there dancing with her.

Shannon said...

OH my friend! THank you for this reminder today...I wish I lived close enough to bring Ravenna and Georgia over to spin and dance for you :) I'll try to post some video of one of their "shows" soon. I know it is not the same as dancing yourself...thanks again for being such a prayer warrior and encourager to me. Your post is making MY soul dance in the midst of the rain today!