Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Miracles In The Making

I have been rejoicing over the miracles taking place in the lives of a young man named Karl ~ you can read his story at A Place Called Simplicity.  Karl was on his way to pick up his girlfriend for church when the actions of someone else brought him to the hospital fighting for his life.  The way God has orchestrated His plan for Karl's life and recovery from a motorcycle accident is amazing, humbling, and faith building.  What a might God we serve.

We are also giving thanks today for my son's friend and fellow police officer who was hit by a drunk driver while on duty,  and is in critical but stable condition right now.  He has a terrible head injury and we are so thankful he has survived and is getting excellent care. We continue to pray for Tron and for a miraculous recovery!

We lift up to God today with praise,  a past parishioner, Nick, who was in a strange accident where a nail went through his back and through an artery, through his liver and up into his heart and out again to lodge in his chest wall.  He was in critical condition and not expected to live, but he is defying the odds and God's response to the prayers of many are bringing him back to health! Thank you Jesus for this miracle!

We also lift up to you our friend Leon who has had a return of cancer after a miraculous disappearance of it several years ago.  Prayers are going up for another miracle!  And for his wife Marilyn who walks with him on this journey.

God is the God of miracles!  We have heard about quite a few this week....and we continue to petition for more. You have told us to "ask and we shall receive!"

We pray for more and more miracles, Lord.  We pray for Your healing in the lives of the people listed below.
Elaine and her husband
Dominique, Laurel, Gail, and Linda
Ruby Grace and Sarah Jane

Thank you Jehovah Rapha~ Our God of healing.


Elaine said...

God is soooo good! And there is nothing better than focusing on HIS miracles and works.

Thanks for praying and posting Renee.


NanaNor's said...

Dear Renee, I love this post and the reminder of our faithful Healer. I have followed Karl's journey too, loved hearing of the many miracles there. Thank you for your heart of intercession and the reminder of others who are in need.
Hugs, Noreen