Tuesday, August 2, 2011


"Don't take a single day for granted.
Take delight
in each

Ecclesiastes 11:8

Our son and grandkids came for a short visit on Monday while our DIL was working.  Visits with our children are few and far between due to distance, busyness, and our health issues.  When one of our sweet families comes to visit, we are delighted!  We find ourselves smiling all day long and for days after. Catching up on hugs and chatting is such a joy.

In my Jesus Calling devotional today, which is written as if Jesus was talking, Jesus said he is blessed when we come into His presence.  That He is glorified when we delight in Him.  I pondered this wondering if I show delight in Him like I do with my children and grandchildren.  If my joy is expressed with those I love and care about, and I love the Lord ~ I need to express that love, not taking one single day for granted.  Taking pure delight in each Light(Jesus)filled day!


Elaine said...

How very true! I'd never thought about it that way!

So glad you had a happy visit.

Thanks for sharing your insights.


Jan Lyn said...

Those smiles are contageous. So glad I came over and caught up a bit. Your blog is lovely and so encouraging!