Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Battlefield Of The Miind

Joyce Meyer has a great book she has written entitled "The Battlefield of the Mind" that I highly recommend.  Recently I watched her speak about this subject on early morning TV. It was just what I needed to hear!

Joyce shared that the first 15 minutes of the day are often the time Satan goes after our minds.  For me this is true.  When I wake up I find myself taking inventory of my aches and pains, and with Lyme Disease that can take awhile!  I will often find myself worrying too, ~worrying about my health, Joel's health, finances, the family, etc. etc. etc.  Oh dear!  I confess, worrying is second nature for me and I have to work at turning all those things spinning around in my mind over to Him.  I guess that is why Joyce's book resonates with me.

I am learning what helps change my mindset, and I hope you find it helpful for you too.

Giving Thanks and Praise:  Giving thanks to God for each day I wake up to see the morning is a gift, and giving thanks and praise helps me to put aside my worries.  Every time I start to think about something negative or the worry wheel starts spinning, I praise God instead.

Pray:  Lifting up my worries and aches and pains to the Lord and again thanking Him for the healing that is to come.

Remembering:  It is reassuring when we look back and remember what He has done for us in the past.  It is good to look back and remember the worries that never came to pass...or the trials that He guided us through, the victories we have had with the Lord's help.   Joshua built an altar to the Lord made of stones to always be a reminder to the people of God's goodness. I have a memory box to store mine.

Trusting:  When we give thanks, when we pray, and when we remember it affirms that we can trust our Lord with our today's and our tomorrows.  We know that He loves us and He is always with us. 

Reading and Speaking Scriptures aloud:  Yes, God's word is filled with messages and promises for each of us.  The Bible instructs us on how to keep our thoughts pure and on God and His goodness.  Speaking scriptures aloud keeps the Enemy at bay.  When we speak scriptures aloud, he cannot stick around. 

Giving Thanks...again!:  This brings us around full circle ~ we giving thanks, we pray, we remember, we trust, we speak and read His Word, and we know that with God all things are possible..including victory over the battlefield of our mind!

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Elaine said...

Oh Renee! I so needed to hear this today!

Thank You!!!!