Friday, July 29, 2011


"In spite of the obstacles placed in my path, life is good....very very good."

The quote above came from a friend's blog as she was reflecting on her life the past year.  Obstacles.  We all encounter them.  It is just a matter of seeing life as very very good inspite of them....and maybe because of them.  It might make life just a little easier if we accept that obstacles are as much a part of life as waking up to the sun or going to sleep by moonlight.  We know they will show up as we journey through our lives, we just need to find ways to deal with them when they do. 

Hebrews 12;1,2 instruct us on how to do that:   

" Therefore, since we are surrounded by a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially sin that so easily trips us up.  And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.  We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who inititates and perfects our faith."

Our race is set by God.  Each one of us has a different course to run, but we are all given just what we need to finish our race and see life as very very good.  Obstacles or not, keeping our eyes of Jesus will get us across the finish line!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday's Prayers

It has been a while since I posted prayer requests or praises.  My summer has been hijacked by my illness, so each day is different and energy is hard to find.  Today I want to share a few requests.  There is great power in prayer~!

~ Prayers needed for Georgia and Ravenna who are sisters.  Georgia continues to have mysterious heart symptoms ( had heart surgery once at age 2) and Ravenna is being tested right now for rare blood disorders.  Prayers for mom and dad and brother Parker too.

~ Prayers for a man named Karl who was in a terrible motorcycle accident about 10 days ago.  He is the boyfriend of Linny's daughter, Autumn, over at A Place Called Simplicity.  Prayers for his brain and lung injuries to heal.  For necessary surgeries to go well.

~ Prayers for a friend who has a return of cancer
~ Prayers for a friend who is having heart problems
~Prayers for Dominique who has severe CFS/ME
~Prayers for Marlene, who is having stomach issues
~Prayers for Renee who is still having strong stomach issues and Lyme pain
~Prayers for traveling mercies for Al, Judy, Evan, and Abbi
~ Prayers for our government
~ Prayers for Norway and the healing needed there
~ Prayers for all you readers and your loved ones.

Lord Jesus, we lift up to you your children, your faithful servants. We ask that you reach out and touch each one of them and bring healing into their lives. You are a God of miracles, a God of healing, our Jehovah Jehri ~ our provider, our Jehovah Rapha~ our Lord of healing. We ask that you move mountains on behalf of them and grant each one healing, wholeness and peace.

In Jesus name

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hands Held

As I was reading my devotional book, "Jesus Calling", I was reminded of a chorus from a song we used to teach our Sunday School kids....

Put your hand in the hand of the man who stills the waters
Put your hand in the hand of the man who calms the seas
Take a look at yourself and you can see others differently
When you put your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee.

I really enjoy reading "Jesus Calling" because it is written as if Jesus were speaking directly to the reader.  I have found that it speaks so often to me with just what I need to hear, that I look forward to reading it each day!  Sarah Young's creation is a blessing from God.  One of my favorite devotionals talked about holding the hand of Jesus and the two of us walking forward through the day together.  I sat back the morning I read it, closed my eyes, and envisioned Jesus and I walking together holding hands.  It brought a smile to my heart and comfort and courage to my day.  Since that day, I try to remember to envision walking hand in had with my Lord.  His warm strong hand wrapped around mine. 

If you are in need of a bit of comfort or courage today, and if you can use an extra smile for your heart, remember.....put your hand in the hand of the Man of God who calms the sea...who stills the water.  Put your hand in the hand of our Lord who is here to help us!

"For I hold you by your right hand ~ I the Lord your God
And I say to you, Don't be afraid
I am here to help you."
Isaiah 41: 13

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dancing In The Rain

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass
it is about learning to dance in the rain!

 I grew up in a family where dancing at home was just part of our daily lives, and as a teen I liked to go dancing on the weekends and my siblings and I would often dance in our living room.  In college I took modern dance and for most of my adult life I could be found dancing alone around the house.  When my mom would come to visit us we would often do the two step together.  The last dance we shared was at our daughter's wedding, when I twirled her around in her wheelchair.  I love to dance!

Unfortunately, Lyme disease has robbed me of my ability to do much of anything right now. Dancing is still in my heart, but has not yet returned to my feet. That is why the quote I shared means so much to me, and when my daughter recently gave me a candle holder with these words on it I found myself smiling.  The day will come when I can physically get up and dance~ even in the rain, but until that time my desire to dance remains in my heart. 

Dancing equals joy for me, and God promises that joy will return in the morning. He also tells us to rejoice in all circumstances.. and when we rejoice, an amazing thing happens.  We begin to smile!  We begin to see things with God's eyes.  We are renewed.  We are filled with hope.  We dance in the rain.

Shall we dance?

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just Stay Calm

"The Lord Himself will fight for you.  Just stay calm."
Exodus 14:14

As many of you know, the past couple of months have been rough for me.  A number of medical tests and procedures, stomach issues, and strong reactions to a treatment for Lyme put me back to a low level of health that I have not seen for several years.  This past week was especially challenging.  I realized how sick I was when both my doctors, who were going on vacation, gave me their cell numbers just in case.  One asked me to check in with her every two days. We are blessed to have very caring doctors! 

One night as I lay in bed tremoring, jerking with spasms, extremely weak, and struggling to get a full breath, I remember thinking, "I could die tonight.  I am so glad Joel is here with me, I don't want to die alone."  Treating Neurological Lyme Disease is a war with endless battles and many surprise attacks.  It is easy to become weary.  The above verse was one I learned a few weeks ago, and I took comfort in it that long night. 

Just stay calm.  It is not always easy to do.  Sometimes our circumstances warrant a fearful response.  Whether we are worried about finances, a loved one, or our own health, it is difficult to stay calm.  But it is not impossible.  Jesus is not only with us, but he fights for us. We are never left facing life's challenges on our own.

Take comfort today in knowing that whatever you are facing, enduring, or fighting, that God HIMSELF fights for you.  Just stay calm, friend.  Just stay calm.