Monday, March 5, 2012

Memorial Box Monday: A Hand Full Of Hair

Memorial Box Monday was started by Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity. On Mondays we link up to share our stories of God's love and faithfulness in our lives. These stories always inspire and strengthen my faith of everyone who reads them. Join us or link up and share your own stories at A Place Called Simplicity.

Today I would like to re-tell a story of how God protected our son Matt from eminent death when he was just two years old. We were camping at the Bible camp our friends helped manage up in the bush near Kenora, Ontario Canada, and had taken canoes out on the lake to a special rocky point to have a picnic. Our two children ages 3 and 2 were playing near the edge of the water. ( I had already prayed for our protection, since being on the water is not my favorite place to be, and our son had been uncomfortable being in water since he was an infant.)

What we did not realize as we sat on blankets chatting, was that the rocky area they were playing on was the top of an underwater cliff, and the water was very deep. I kept an eye on the kids as we talked, so I was the one who saw Matt fall in the water. I jumped up immediately and ran over to grab him, but when I got there he was nearly invisible and was being pulled under the cliff top by a very strong current. I reached down into the water under the rocky cliff and came in contact with Matt's hair. His hair was very long and long people thought he was a girl. I kept a firm grip onto his long hair and pulled him back out from under the cliff and into my arms.  His long hair saved his life that day!

I had been reluctant to cut Matt's beautiful hair, and we praised God knowing that my reluctance was part of God's plan that came together that day and saved our son's life.  It helps to remember this story when our son, now a police officer, puts his life in danger every day. God has a plan for his life, too, and will protect him now just like he did as a child. His life is in God's hands.

I will need to put a picture of us from that day into my Memorial Box to remind me of how God loves and protects his children, and hears our prayers.  He is a faithful God!


Lori said...

Quick thinking~God uses all things. Thank you for sharing.
Keep up the God work.

Alisha said...

What a moment to be in!! Thank You Lord for your protection!

Mom Of Many said...

Wow, sweet friend - I am SOOO glad you retold this story, cause somehow I missed it the first time around.

Okay, you are NOT going to believe this, but my mom was born just a couple of hours from Kenora. I have relatives who live IN Kenora AND are you ready for this? My cousin, Deborah Jolene, drowned 14 miles from mainland off Kenora in Lake of the Woods. She was just 2 years old.

My uncle Denver and Aunt Doris lived on an island {year round} 14 miles from mainland...they couldn't get to shore in the winter until the ice froze enough to drive on. They had windmill on their island to generate electricity.

My aunt and uncle are now dead, but their kids live there still. Can you believe that?

So I rejoice with you at God's protection over your Matt. Thank you for sharing. Much love, Linny