Monday, September 10, 2012

MBM: Just What We Needed

Memorial Box Monday was started by Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity.  She relates it to Joshua who was told by God to build a memorial of large rocks for future generations to remember God's faithfulness and provision. Looking back and writing about our own stories reminds us of God's faithfulness and provision, while strengthening and encouraging ourselves and others. 

 My story today started about two months ago when our built-in microwave started to malfunction. It decided to have a mind of its own, working sporadically except for the express defrost. We adjusted to using that one single button as we usually only warm things up, but eventually Joel called our favorite fix-it man to ask him about what could be wrong acoffin he could fix it himself.  Our handyman told us what it was, what it would cost, and then shared that he had just been to the Habitat for Humanity Store here in town and noticed that they had an over the stove built-in microwave for sale...brand new but really inexpensive. Joel and I prayed about it, deciding to check it out as long as we had the cash to buy it. He measured ours and headed to the store, only to find it was closed! He went back the next day and the microwace was still there. It was the right fit and same color as our stove, so he bought it.  He purchased the new microwave for $5.00 more than it would have cost us to replace just the touch pad for the old one. (Our old one is over 8 years old).

 When we headed up to our daughters in Minnesota for a visit the next week, we discovered they had the exact microwave we had just purchased, so we could see how it worked and what it looked like set up. 

 As some of you know, I have reactions to chemicals so we usually "outgas" new things that come into the house. New plastic can be challenging for my lungs. We figured we could just use the express defrost a bit longer while it was airing out, hoping it would hold on until I was able to tolerate the new one. Well, a few weeks later the microwave was still able to outgas because ours went back to working fine until just yesterday when we are now back to only express defrost. God not only provided a new microwave for about half price that we could pay cash for, but he gave us time to outgas it before needing to use it! God worked out every single detail!


Anonymous said...

Nothing is too menial for God, now is it? He is so into details! What a great testimony to His involvement in every matter and how He perfects everything that concerns us!

Mom Of Many said...

What a blessing from Him! I love when He does things that are so out of our scope of understanding/planning...He truly is miraculous. Thank you for faithfully sharing Renee. YOu are always such a blessing to my soul. Love you much!

Renee said...

Thank you in simplicity!

Renee said...

Hi Linny
Thank you for coming by, friend. You are a blessing for me too!