Thursday, December 27, 2012

God Weaves The Patterns

On Christmas Eve day Joel brought the mail in and handed me a package from the state of Georgia.  I looked at him and asked, "Did you order me a gift?"  He shook his head no.  I did not know anyone in Georgia, so with interest I opened the envelope.  Inside was this beautiful matted writing of Matthew 11:28.

There is was again.....the verse that God has been sharing with me for over 3 months now!  I had just read a devotional that morning by Rick Warren that spoke about how God wants us to come home to Him this Christmas.... A place where we will find peace.  And then he quoted the first part of Matthew 11:28.  Now just a few hours later I opened a gift that arrived in God's perfect timing and read what has become a powerful message sent from God countless times for me.

This friend who sent me this beautiful creation of art?  I have never met her in person, but God brought us together.  About 2 years ago we belonged to a nation wide conference call prayer group who prayed for over 500 people who suffered with Lyme.  Kim was struggling with the same illnesses I was.  During a 40 day type of fast/prayer time that we participated in, God revealed to me something for Kim, so I emailed her and told her what I thought were words of knowledge from God.  She replied, and our friendship began.  Then I found her blog by "accident" and she started reading mine too. We connected on Facebook, and continue to pray for each other today. 

Kim is young, and I will be age 65 in March.  She just married, and Joel and I have been married over 44 years.  They live and work in the hustle and bustle of New York.  We live in the state of Iowa with its cornfields and farms.  She has cats and we have a dog.  :)  We are an unusual match I expect, except for what draws us together outweighs all the other differences.  We both desire to serve our Lord, live in obedience to Him, pray for others believing God hears and answers our prayers,  and also believe that He has a plan for our lives that includes healing. 

I just love how God weaves the patterns of our lives together for His purpose.   And every time I look over to my right and see this special creation of art sitting on the end table,  I give thanks for K. and the blessings she brings into my life.  I give thanks that God loves us so much He is in every detail of every day we have here on earth.  He is in the gift sent from a far away friend.  I am blessed.


Gayle said...

Oh my goodness!!! What an amazing beautiful story and what an extraordinary gift! You must smile every time you see it.

Kim said...

Renee - I'm sorry I never commented to say how thankful I am that you like the gift! Your post inspired me to look back at all of our old emails. I can't believe how time has flown. I'm so glad God brought us together through that prayer group.

p.s. You're getting lots of comments from me tonight! I'm just now getting into a "system" for commenting since I'm blocked from doing it at work. :)