Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday's Scripture

"Rejoice with those who rejoice,
weep with those who weep"
Romans 12:15b

This past week we received Christmas newsletters where sorrow and brokenness were shared. A friend Joel worked with in a former parish had died and his wife shared about his journey.  Dear friends shared that their two daughters are both fighting cancer, and another friend shared about the death of their loved one.  Yesterday Joel was visiting with yet another friend who is grieving the loss of his wife to cancer.  I just heard that an internet friend had a mild stroke after having dental surgery.  Our hearts break for them.

We also heard from others about the joys of new babies, grandchildren, new jobs, trips they have taken, and the good health they are enjoying.  There is much to rejoice about, too, but this week's news seems especially heavy on our hearts.

We weep with those whose children and loved ones died in Newtown CT.  We grieve with hope, knowing that they are being held in the arms of Jesus, while remembering that families will be united again in Heaven. It gives us comfort during difficult times.

We weep for the violence that permeates our communities.  We weep for those who are tormented and disturbed, and for the devastation it causes in the lives of others.  We weep for the innocent.

Let us remember in prayer all those whose Christmases might not be so joyful this year.  When Christ lives in us, it is what we are called to do.  Love one another, rejoice with those who rejoice and grieve with those who grieve.  We are called to reach out in prayer, encouragement and support.  We rejoice that God has given us this privilege.  We rejoice that God is faithful, and loving, delighting in us......rejoicing with us.......weeping with us.  We are blessed.

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Gayle said...

Yes, it is a hard Christmas for so many this year. I too am weeping and grieving and trying to find my paths to the joy of the Lord.