Saturday, March 30, 2013

God's Waiting Room

It is the day before Easter.  In some denominations, this day is called the the Easter Vigil.  At services held,  baptisms and communion are offered.  In most Christian homes, the day is spent in preparation as we wait for Easter to arrive. The family gathers to dye Easter eggs,  there may be last minute shopping for the latest fashions and baskets for the kids, and kitchens are busy preparing food for a big dinner after services on Sunday.

After Good Friday's sobering services, we look forward to the hallelujahs of Easter morning! And the day in between...........Saturday............seems to be the day of waiting.  Waiting to hear those words that define our faith. 

He is Risen!

I  wonder what was going through the minds of the apostles....of Mary the mother of Jesus.....of those believers who heard the Word or were healed by His touch.  Did they wait with baited breath this day? He was to rise on the third day....did they wonder if it would happen?  Did they trust His words?  Did they wait in anticipation and some sense of hope while they gathered in God's waiting room.

Have you ever found yourself in God's waiting room?  It is not an easy place to be if we are focused on getting answers, on our circumstances, or on the what-ifs that come with life. Waiting.


Waiting feels like we are doing nothing...hearing nothing....seeing nothing.....But waiting is an action and it requires faith.  Faith is daring the soul to believe what the eyes cannot yet see.  We wait for Jesus with anticipation.  With hope.  We wait with hope because we know the rest of the story.    We know that He died and rose again for our sins and for our sicknesses. We know He sits at the right hand of God.  We know the rest of the story as we sit in God's waiting room.  We can find rest for our soul here, as we trust in His promises. 

"Those who wait upon The Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles
They will run and not grow weary
They will walk and not b faint."
Isaiah 40:31

Today is the Easter Vigil, but for those of us who await the words  "He is Risen" with a knowing heart, we find peace in the waiting room.  We know the rest of the story and can trust it with all our heart.


Michelle Holderman said...

Renee, this is absolutley beautiful1! And so true. I couldn't have said it any better myself. It resonated with my heart. I love all of this and especially the last paragraph. I await with you, my friend, also in hope and peace knowing how this ends. All Glory to Jesus!

Pia said...

Happy Easter!


Gayle said...

One of the things I have loved about the Lutheran church is how the Easter season is observed. Easter is truly a celebration after the darkness of the Good Friday service. Such a thoughtful post.