Tuesday, March 12, 2013

They Do Life So Well

We just spent a few days visiting our oldest daughter and her family at their home in WI.  This was a really big deal for me since I have never been able to go there due to health issues. Joel has visited a few times, but this was my first.  We saw the grandkids perform in a school musical, helped celebrate our oldest daughter's birthday, and went to church services Sunday morning.

It was wonderful for me to walk around their home and take in the joy of not only being there but seeing our daughter's artistic abilities displayed throughout.   I would have loved to sit in on her Old Testament teaching with her Bible Babes, and it would have been awesome to observe her teaching piano to one of her students.  We just could not do it all.  I did enjoy a glimpse into their daily life in their home, community, school, and church.  Seeing everyone and getting to know their gentle horse-size dog was great fun.  It makes such a difference to actually be there........in their home......where they live life so fully. 

I think when your children grow up you still tend to see them as, well, your children.  As parents we try our best to instill in them morals, faith, forgiveness, and a love for fellow man.  On the other hand, as parents we know we have made plenty of mistakes and pray they will do better than we did, and forgive us in the process.  When we observe them in their own homes and communities, we are impressed with who they are.  We are proud, and so so impressed.  They do life so well.  As oldsters we have much we can learn from these adult children of ours.  Our in-loves included! 

So we are home recovering, feeling like it is awfully quiet in this house that holds only two people and one elderly dog.  We are both happy and sad this day.  Happy to have gone, happy to be home.  Sad to be home, and sad to live so far from those we love.  It is a mixed bag of blessings.  Much of life is isn't it.  Where to we turn to hold tightly to the joy?  We turn to gratitude giving thanks to God  for it all!

As I link up with Ann over at A Holy Experience I am so grateful this day for:

adult children and in-loves who impress
gentle horse-size dogs
warm feelings of pride, love and joy for grandchildren
watching "The Bible" with family
an empty nest
an old faithful dog that graces our home
the love for each other that unites and sustains us



Kim said...

Just earlier today I was hoping all was well with you since I hadn't seen a Saturday's Scribbles, and it sounds like things are more than well! We visited my sister and her husband this weekend. I know that feeling of joy and sadness in one when it's over. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend with amazing family!

Anita Johnson said...

Amen! I share many of your thoughts. Glad you got home safe. And I look forward to meeting you in person on your next trip to Wisconsin!

Ginny said...

Oh Renee, as I read this I was thrilled! Absolutely and utterly thrilled. I am so happy you got to go and enjoy your daghter and her family in her home. What a blessing. I know it is so great to have my parents visit. What a treat it was for them I am sure. I understand the happiness and saddness at the same time coming home to an empty house. It is so nice to draw from your wisdom. As Matthew is just beginning his own journey, it is bittersweet, but I have great people to learn from. So happy for you! Much love.

Gayle said...

Aww...how wonderful you got to go and I am thankful for that. Yes, it thrills my heart to see each of my children grown and such amazing people.