Thursday, April 10, 2014

Broken Pieces Restored

"This is my body, broken for you..."  The words of our Savior spoken at the Last Supper...the words we hear at the communion rail as we open our hands and our hearts to receive....  His body was broken for us.  Beaten, and hung on a cross in order that we may be set free.

"It is for freedom that Christ set us free,
so stand firm then,
and never again be burdened
by a yoke of slavery (bondage)."
Galatians 5:1

We all come to the table of the Lord broken.  If we are breathing, we are a clay pot cracked, chipped, broken, sometimes in pieces.  Sin makes sure of that.  The enemy works hard to steal, kill, and destroy.  The fallen world joins us in the groaning our brokenness creates. 

It is why we gather at His table, it is why we hold out our hands for the bread of life and we receive, chewing......swallowing.  It is why we lift the cup to our lips and pour the liquid down our throats. Here it is...the blood shed for Jesus promised. 

We remember.......Jesus came to heal our brokenness.  He broke to make us whole.  To set us free from sin and disease.  Jesus came to take us out of bondage.  He fills us up to overflowing with His love and every crack is sealed tight.  Every chip restored.  The pieces put back together more beautiful than we could imagine.  By His blood shed for us.  Liquid red........liquid more precious than gold.

"By His stripes we are healed."
Isaiah 53:5

Can you look in the mirror and see forgiveness and beauty in your image?   Yes we are fractured pots without Jesus, but we are never without Jesus.  He died for you to be saved, healed, made whole.  To be enough.  The cracks and broken pieces restored by His blood make us all stronger, unique, and always beautiful in His eyes.  He delights, He embraces, He loves.  He beckons with His body broken for you, His blood shed.

I am linking up today with Faith Barista Jam today.  Her prompt word for today is "broken".


dunlizzie said...

"Yes we are fractured pots without Jesus, but we are never without Jesus." Even as I commented at Bonnie's, this is the thing that contains to remain with me... that we are 'with Him'. It's such a sweet thing, isn't it. Thanks :)

Trudy said...

"The cracks and broken pieces restored by His blood make us all stronger, unique, and always beautiful in His eyes." Such blessed hope, Renee. Thank you.

I read your story from the link at Sita's site, and I had to cry. For us broken ones and for Jesus' healing grace. I'm so sorry you were told to keep quiet. That makes it all the more difficult, doesn't it? One thing that especially hit me of the steps Rick Warren gave is "Don't minimize it!" Thank you for sharing your story.

HisFireFly said...

this was a lovely reminder of how great His love was, is, will ever be

thank you Renee!

Sara said...

A lovely reminder of the greatest gift x

Renee said...

Thanks is a sweet thing, yes!

Renee said...

You are welcome, Trudy... Healing comes and Jesus love makes it all possible.

Renee said...

Thank you Hisfirefly....

Renee said...

Thanks for coming by Sara..