Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday all!  Hope you are having sunshine and warm weather in your corner of the world.  Friday we woke up to 4 inches of fresh snow and strong winds...ugh....but it is mostly gone now and we are enjoying sunshine.  The snow brought good nutrients to the soil....but really, we need Spring to come and stay.....this has been the winter that never ends!

Speaking of that, our road is all torn up. This past week a water main broke and the gushing water brought out the city to try and find the leak.  They found two.  They also found solid ice inside the 6 in round pipes and over 5 feet of that pipe was split!  So, off and on we are without water until they are able to get things fixed.  That will be a while as they are going to get bids to have someone come in and bury the pipe another foot deeper.  We are parking during the days they work on the block behind our home and keeping 5 gallon pails of water stored in the house in case we need it.  Our two neighbors are happy this will be fixed since they have now had frozen pipes for 3 months.  Awful!

It is April now, which brings with it several family birthdays.  My mom would have been 103, our granddaughter Greta turned 11 (her mom, our DIL shares my birthday), my sister Janelle has a birthday this weekend,  our grandson will be 13 later in the month and Gr. Jo soon turns 81.  Quite the variety of ages.  I am always fascinated with how people celebrate.  Some do not make a big deal out of turning another year older, others have a lot of fanfare.  Some party, others just wish it was over.  I like the idea of celebrating single year we are gifted with! 

I have been challenged with recovering fully from that nasty virus that came calling  You know, I made sure it was not welcome, spoke harshly to it, and even ignored it's presence, but it still wanted to hang around.  Finally I just told it to take a flying leap and I started walking 30 minutes a day, baking, cooking, and more.  I am back to walking 45 minutes now.  Sometimes we just have to use our physical body to resist the author of sickness...Satan.

Joel and I have been talking about the 18 years we have lived here in our corner of Iowa.  We started adding up how many churches Joel has served as Senior Pastor, solo pastor, Interim, fill-in, and substitute....and we realized there have been at least 15 churches in our town and the surrounding area.  Good grief.  No wonder someone stops and talks to him most everywhere we go! 

Speaking of churches, we are well into Lent which means extra services.  This past week it was the men's breakfast at 7am, a service at 11 with discussion and lunch following and then supper and another service and discussion group starting at 5:30pm which brought him home at 8:30.  Add to that 3 services on Sunday and the Adult Bible Study we are teaching, some visitation, prep time, etc. and it does not take long to add up 20-25 hours of part time work.

You know, it is beginning to look like the lost Malaysian going to stay lost.  How heartbreaking for families.  My nephew's daughter too a flight to Malaysia from Australia after the plane had gone down, had some difficulty with her passport and was stranded there a few days.  I expect they were being extra careful with passports, etc. after what had just happened.  Eventually she was able to board a flight and get to her destination in Bali.

Our two oldest grands are! both holding permits to drive is hard to imagine that they are that old, but it is true.  In less years than I wish to think or speak about, we could be great grandparents.  How does that happen?  We are still so young?? ...giggle...

Recently Joel was talking with a younger pastor who said he can never find anyone out in the lounge areas of the nursing homes when he visits after supper.  Joel just laughed and said, "They are all in their rooms watching Wheel!  Now we are doing the same.  Watching Wheel of Fortune during or after supper.  For years I always watched Jeopardy, but now I tune in more to Wheel.  I just don't like where this is going, but I declare nursing homes are NOT for us!

This past week I have been reading Andrew Wommack's book, "The Believer's Authority" on my iPad.  It is a great book and it is holding my interest.  Before bed I am still reading for the second time through, "Birthing The Miraculous" and Ann Voskamp's Journal on One Thousand Gifts.  What are you reading?

Until next time.........


upnorth said...

We got that same winter storm Friday morning, it's like "enough already" and it was the morning of my cardiologist appointment to boot. Glad to here you are hanging in there, still walking and enjoying some things in life like cooking and um Wheel….I'm still much more of a Jeapordy fan myself.

Sharon said...

We had some snow last week, but it didn't last. Today it is bright blue skies, and warmer temperatures.

I still need to get my feet moving. I am inspired by your dedication to walking. I think you're right - it empowers the body to fight.

I'm still watching Jeopardy. There are certain categories that I'm just a whiz at - and then there are others where I stare at the TV!!

I'm reading another early-1800's detective novel. I've really been hooked on this genre for a few weeks now. I like the historical background.

Have a great day! GOD BLESS!

Renee said...

Hi Upnorth
Good to hear from you..........

Renee said...

Hi Sharon
Jeopardy is good, too, although ism not as good as you! But Wheel is watched more here! My sister likes historical books too....