Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

It is Saturday evening, and the day has been damp and chilly here in Iowa.  We arrived home to grey skies, drizzle, dampness, wind, and cool temperatures.  Just one of those days.

We were up in NW Minnesota attending the funeral of Joel's 108 year old Aunt Pearl who died this week from pneumonia, a complication of the "crud" which went through the nursing home where she resided.  Her sister, Harriet, is the last living sibling, and will soon be 103.  It was a lovely service, and we both are very grateful we could attend.  Joel had the privilege of helping with part of the service. Pearl is buried in the cemetery of the church her grandfather gave the land for and helped build.  There was a deep connection there of past generations remembered and new generations to carry on the legacy. 

It fascinates me, this community of deeply rooted people.  It is something I do not quite understand myself, having moved so often as a child and throughout my life.  People bound to the land and to their history there in the woods and farmland of Minnesota.  I respect it, I just have never experienced it.  And Joel has been gone so long.........but every road we traveled, every grove of trees we passed, the farms and homes we saw once again.....they bring back so many good memories for him.  So much history.  The foundation from which he has lived his life, surrounding him on these too far apart visits.

After the funeral we drove south quite a distance to watch three of our treasures perform in a school musical.  It was such fun to be there!  And a perfect way to end the day.  Grieving the loss of a life well lived, and celebrating the lives of our grands who have barely begun their own journeys. 

Besides the musical and the funeral, we were able to stop and visit with Gr. Jo on the way up and have lunch with our son Mark and grandson Noah on the way back.  We packed a lot into the 2.5 days and 2 nights we were gone!  Our visit to the north country was short, since Joel needs to be in the pulpit for Sunday morning.

I am behind on my reading, internet teachings, and housecleaning.  Guess I know what I will be doing this coming week!

Until next time..............

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Anita Johnson said...

What a wonderful long life to celebrate!