Thursday, April 30, 2015


When in doubt?  Then worship and praise the One who is the Way and the Truth!
When you find yourself a slave to fear?  Worship and praise our Protector
When the world is in chaos around you?  Worship and praise the God of peace.
When prayers go unanswered?  Worship and praise the One who answers our prayers.
When the doctor's report is bad?  Worship and praise our Physician and Healer!
When death knocks on your door?  Worship and praise the giver of life eternal!
When friends betray us?  Worship and praise the Friend that always stands with us.
When depression covers you like a dark cloud?  Worship and Praise Jesus who is the Light.
When grief fills your heart.....Worship and Praise in grief the One who understands.

When sunshine fills your days...Worship and Praise the Son.

When joy fills your hearts....Worship and Praise the Giver.

When abundance is overflowing....Worship and Praise our Provider.

When our hearts rejoice.....Worship and Praise the One who delights in you!



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