Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you all from our beautiful corner of the world where we are enjoying the many shades of green from lawns, bushes and trees, and the bright colors of tulips, irises, planted flowers, and lilacs.  Even with the rain we have had on and off nearly every day, it is dryer than normal and we like that.  It was 86 yesterday but you would not have known it due to the low humidity and dew point.  We have walked daily around the association avoiding the wet and muddy river road.  It has been fun to see all the yards decked out in their finery.  We make the most of our short season here in the Midwest.

Speaking of making the most of things, Joel has been able to ride his bike a lot.  Yesterday he went around Clear Lake which he enjoys.  It takes longer and he has to drive there so he does not do it very often. Walking has been slow and steady.......with a couple of mile walks adding in to mostly 3/4 to 1/2 mile jaunts.  I hate still having to share that my energy is still not steady at what it was, and the week of good energy dissolved into pushing myself daily for now.   I am also having some issues with the right rib which has been sore since radiation.  We keep praying over it.  Radiation is the gift that unfortunately keeps on giving.

This morning we headed to a small town about 1/2 hour from here for their "Treasures Fest" which is mostly just someone else's junk that you may want.  We found an old window decoration for the entrance wall to the porch and another sign we thought was cute.

Window frame decoration

Only $4.95 on clearance

On Sunday night we went to a BBQ at the Praise Church lead pastor's house.  It was a nice gathering with good food and fellowship.

On Monday a couple drove 85 miles to come see us.  They both have Lyme along with 3 of their 4 children.  They are strong Christians who love the Lord, and so their late 30's.  We talked for hours and prayed for each other before they headed home.  We were so impressed by their faith journey in such difficult circumstances, as they stand in their faith for healing and walk out their gift from God of raising 4 young kids.

On Wednesday we stopped at the HyVee grocery greenhouse and found all their hanging plants on sale for $5.99!!!!!  I had been telling Joel about the one yellow black-eyed Susan type ivy we had purchased for the front garden two years ago, wishing we could find one............and there it was! The only one of it's kind and the young man in charge told me it was the same price as the others.  What?? It is huge. So we bought it on the spot, along with two other lovely hanging baskets to enjoy.
Can you believe this huge planter with 
the yellow ivy and purple and red
flowers was only $5.99??  
And just what I was
looking for.  

Variegated climbing petunias

Thursday night we went to the library and I picked up three fiction books to read.  We have a nice library here in town. As a kid I remember going to the library to get books.  They were my escape. I loved Trixie Beldon and Nancy Drew books.  Guess I have always enjoyed mysteries.  I loved The Borrowers and The Borrowers Afloat too.  What did you read as a kid?

Yesterday we went to farmer's market and found some strawberries...yum......We have been eating salads for supper for a couple of months now, and cutting out sweets (maple syrup sweetened) mostly.  Once a week we have something sweet we enjoy except for this week when I made Joel a rhubarb pie to enjoy.  Joel has lost probably 13 lbs now and I have lost.......2lbs.  Yep.  Enough said on that depressing topic.  So, we love pancakes and have them every two weeks on Saturday night.  Seriously, such a routine~~~are we old or what??  Tonight is pancake night which means almond flour pancakes with almond butter, fresh strawberries and blueberries and coconut whipped cream.  Life is just to short to not enjoy a few tasty treats and believe it or not, pancakes is one of ours (mine).

We watched the movie, Bridge of Spies last Saturday night.  It was really, really good!  One of the best we have seen in awhile.  We listened to and watched a few teachings online, and tuned in to the show 500 Questions. Wow......such smart people and such hard questions.  Gets our brains working which is all good.  So how was your week?

Until next time..........


Kendra Leibold said...

I enjoyed your "scribbles" today Renee. Lovely looking flowers/planters and what a great price for them too. And same with your new (old) signs that you bought. I like the "welcome to our porch" sign especially. Sorry to hear you are having difficulties yet with your radiation side effects. I'll pray God continues to help you heal. I'm having a difficult day/night today myself. So much nerve pain - my internal "electrical grid" is sky-high tonight. Nick's watching a movie right now in the living room and I just couldn't take the noise so I'm going to head for the 4-seasons room in a few minutes and try and escape into a book I got from the library a few days ago to see if I can get some relief that way. Tell Joel hello and have a good rest of your weekend!

Anita Johnson said...

How fun...and I over black eyed Susan vine....

Renee said...

Hi kendra
Sorry to hear the nerve pain was acting up. ugh.....Praying for you. I am careful about what I watch on TV so it does not stimulate the area of the brain that holds the flight or fight. Learned that when dealing with the sexual abuse memories. My body responds strongly to stress whether real or on the tv. Joel is one who can take about 5 deep breaths at night and be totally relaxed......We continue to learn on our healing journey. If you are interested in learning more on God wanting you well, just message me on Facebook.

Renee said...

Dear sweet Anita..
you are so often in my thoughts and prayers...........