Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning here in our corner of "greenhouse Iowa" is soooo hot and humid! It was around 96 yesterday with a dew point of 68, but strong storms and heavy rain cooled it off around 8 pm.  Today we will head to a high of 92 or so, with dew points in the 70''s....ugh.....I don't mind the temperatures........we just don't like the high humidity and dew points.  It is not Georgia, I know, but we long for dryer weather up here, while so grateful for our air-conditioned home.

View from the Porch

We have been walking and Joel has been riding.  Joel has done a lot of outdoor work, and we have taken in some porch sitting.  We have had a few good laughs watching our neighborhood squirrels dragging corn cobs around.  Our neighbor across the street puts them out for the deer, raccoons and squirrels and the empty cobs often end up in our yard.  We enjoy the antics of one particular squirrel as he dragged a cob almost as big as him across the yard, street, and our yard to his "home".  Comical.

It was a quiet week of revelations (see former posts) and resting.  On Thursday we had a fun visit with Joel's cousin Luther who drove down from SE Minnesota to see us.  He lives up north in Joel's home town now after years of making his home in SE and then NW MN as a principal.  It was so fun to share a meal and catch up with him.

Joel is off to meetings for the Synod.  Friday night, all day and evening today and tomorrow morning he will be gone.  He is coming home to sleep, which makes me happy!  This is actually the first time we have spent so much time apart in a long months and months!

Next week is our grandson Eli's 14th birthday!  His mom sent us a picture of Eli with his dad Ivan. He looks so much like our son, Kevin who is his birth dad.  Kevin died almost 12 years ago when a virus attacked his heart.  We are so thankful that Eli has good parents, a loving sister, and a healthy life.  Thank you Jesus.

I watched some of Mohammad Ali's funeral this week.  I could not figure out why, but I think I was looking for understanding in how much this man's death affected our world, and how much this man's life affected our world.  And more understanding came and my perceptions shifted somewhat.........

I finished a fiction book by Lauraine Snelling this week.  We have watched a few teachings using our Roku device, began studying the book of Luke, continue to read "The Prayer of Jabez" and reading more in our Sunday night Bible Study book by John Ortberg.  What are you reading?

Until next time.............

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