Friday, August 19, 2016

What More Am I Here For, God?

I was listening to a teaching two weeks ago where the pastor talked on the popular topic of how God has a purpose for each of us.  This is not news, of course. The pastor went on to say that often the purpose is revealed after an encounter with God, the testimony someone shares, or how we observe others living.  Experiences shape us, whether ours or someone else's.

Last week Pastor Eric Johnson from Bethel talked about the fact that as we seek our purpose, we are  "building a house" every day of our lives, using Luke 6 to base it on.  It was an interesting perspective on a well known scripture~ building our house on rock or sand.  He stated that we, ourselves, make the decision on how to build our "house" for God.   Are we sitting at home watching too much TV? Are we spending all our time on ourselves or the things of the world? Then that is what we are building.   Have we identified our passion and are we moving forward with a sense of purpose in our God given passion?  Are we building our house on that purpose?  On the desires of our heart?  Another thought.....our lives affect the next generation whether we are building our house on a rock or on the sand, so what legacy will we leave our grandchildren, great grandchildren....future generations. We are always building our "house" so we need to decide where we are going to establish our house...on the Rock, or on sand.

I am also reading the book, "Lioness Arising" by Lisa Bevere and she, too, talks about our unique purpose, as daughters of the King.  Each of us have a purpose and play a part of God's plans for His world.  As she wrote about those who have the courage to move into the legacy God has for them, I could not help but think of examples in my life.  One is my friend, Linny.  You want an example of a Godly woman who arose from the ashes of a life of fear, abuse, and illness to find her passion, her purpose and an unbelievably strong faith in her sweet Jesus?  That is Linny, mom to 14 (so far), several married with children of their own, and 9 still at home.  Some "lifers".  Her hubby left a career as a lawyer to go back to seminary to be a pastor....they both were working as pastors, but knew that a prophecy given over their lives years before would eventually come in God's timing.  That prophecy came into fruition when they decided a few years ago to begin a non-profit organization for the orphans. International Voice of the Orphans feeds thousands of kids in Uganda and other places, and one of their daughters and her hubby parent and care for many special needs kids as missionaries in Uganda at The Gem Foundation. Linny and Dw are seriously passionate about their calling.  At. any. cost. What Linny and her husband Dw do. what their daughter and her husband do,  all stems from prayerful obedience. They would be the first to say they could not do what they do without God providing in all areas of their lives.  They are building their house on a rock!  THE Rock.  He beckoned, they answered and they have never looked back.

I have known others with the same God given passion, those who do "give up their lives to find it". It may not require opening your home to over a dozen kids in your "retirement years", but God has a purpose for you.  For me.   Sometimes people have a passion for helping their neighbors, or volunteering at a shelter.  It may be they are called to care for loved ones, or bring comfort to others.  Our passion does not necessarily light up the sky with a thousand may be one light in the darkness.  The point is, we all have a purpose and what lights your fire is often part of God's plan!

Joel and I experienced some of that passion when we were healed from Lyme Disease.  We learned all we could about healing through prayer and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  It consumed our lives for over 3 years before breast cancer. During the past year of surgery, radiation, and two eye surgeries I confess that my passion waned due to the distractions.  I began to question what God had in store for me.

As I pondered, I started writing about our lives and while looking back I began to ask God "what am I here for"?  Not in a negative way, but in regards to the 27 years of Lyme, two bouts with cancer, and the struggle for healing of my damaged body. Because I am still here, praise God, I am seriously asking, "What am I here for, God"?  "What do you want to build in me, in us?"  And I am asking myself, "In my choices, what kind of house am I building?"  I know some of the answers, but what more, Lord....what more??

One of our daughters tells me I "think to much".  I have no doubt that this is true, but God works with it.  He knows me well.  He is in the midst of the questions I am asking...."What more am I here for, God?"  He has a purpose, and many plans to get us there.  His purpose for each of us are often subject to change, too.  They may be only for a season of our lives. Yet His love for His children is always the same along with His desire that we build our house on a rock.  On THE Rock, Jesus Christ.

Have you ever found yourself asking God these questions?  What is my purpose now in this season of my life?  What is Your plan?  A good place to start is focusing on what we know.  What passion drives us?  What desires fill our hearts?  What is God's voice saying to our hearts?  Who does God say we are?  How does He want to use our unique gifts?  Am I building my "house" on the Rock?  Right now, in the present, what more am I here for, God?

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Anita Johnson said...

Hmmmmmm, you may think too much, but Im glad you write here. So much to think about. I know your writings have been an encouragement to me....and a good purpose. I wonder what God has in store for me too. Prayers continue.