Monday, November 14, 2016

God's Handiwork

God's brushstrokes


Good-bye sun

God was showing off last night when we went for our walk.  The wispy clouds looked like brush strokes and reminded me of a watercolor painting.  They turned from white to pink as the sun shifted. Each photo gave us a different look, and the sunset photo at the end is from the same sky, but a different direction and time.  Fascinating.

Last night we were able to see the "Supermoon" too.  It was definitely brighter, lighting up our whole house at 4 am.  With my phone the picture I took does not do it justice, but just had to share. Last time it was this close was the year I was born.

Seeing God's handiwork in nature is comforting. Yesterday the sky spoke God's message to us as we walked together arm in arm.  All is well.  I am God.  See what beauty I bring to your world?!  Seek it, breathe it in, be in the moment.

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