Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Permission Granted

Permission granted to celebrate Christmas early this year. I just read a post from InCourage on this and I'm thinking it is a good idea.....Joel has our lights up already.  It is better to put up house lights when it is 60 degrees than when it is 35!  We are holding off on turning them on, but it just seems like Christmas needs to come early....a little music....some lights......a longer focus on Baby Jesus.....a little extra joy!

With those thoughts in mind, I am thinking I am going to step out of the box and celebrate Christmas before the Harvest fades.  Oh, we do love Thanksgiving~ it is a beautiful time to quiet our minds and bow our heads as we give thanks for all God has given us.  It reminds us that every good and perfect gift is from above.  It is an opportunity to hug on family and friends, fellowship at a table laden with bounty, and lift our voices in gratefulness.  Our family will gather this Thanksgiving here for fellowship, food, and football.   We look forward to it.

But mingled in this year for me will be a little "Joy To The World", a tree waiting to be decorated, and Christmas lights making the neighborhood bright on dark nights.  I'm okay with that this year.  Being one of those....who are Christmas Crazy.  It is not that I like shopping....I really don't.  It is not that I lose sight of the reason for the season......I never do.  It is because this year, after a long and challenging season of disease, treatments, surgeries, faded dreams, angry people with deadly consequences, and a very long and disheartening election process we just feel the need to seek out the joy.  We are intentionally seeking laughter and joy in a funny TV show, in each other, in funny Facebook postings, in the antics of a cat, in glowing candles, in helping feed the hungry, in opening our hearts to an early and longer Christmas celebration.

Yep.  I have given myself permission to celebrate Christmas early.....and in the background I am hearing Pentatonix ............join me in pressure......but you have permission to celebrate Christmas early if you are so inclined.

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