Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rest In The Knowing

I have now received Exodus 14:14 or some version of it over twenty-six times.  It just keeps coming and along with it more and more understanding of what God is telling me.

While being part of Bonnie Gray's launch team for her latest book, "Whispers of Rest". I have realized that resting is a powerful way to battle the enemy. Not the lay down and nap kind of resting, but the trusting.  Trusting God in the battle....in the moment.....in the resting....in the knowing.

I have known that one of the ways I do life is as a warrior.  It began early on in childhood I expect, and continued on through other circumstances as a way to do life.  Staying hyper-vigilant, I know how to do battle very well.  How is that working?   Not so much.  Jesus keeps calling me to it over and over again with a gentle, loving persistence to rest in Him.

Bonnie Gray knows the journey well....her own story not unlike mine and so many others.....Different people, different locations, different circumstances but yet the same.  All having the need to rest in the arms of our Jesus and trusting Him with our life.  Trusting Him to fight for us when necessary while we rest in the knowing that all is well, that we are not alone.

Recently during my meditation time, God showed me a beautiful white stallion, almost surreal in his beauty.  Then I noticed an angelic rider holding a sword.  Immediately a long row of white horses appeared all with angelic riders carrying shiny silver swords.  Across from them was a row of black horses and hooded black faceless riders carrying dark gray swords.  The Lord's angel armies fighting the enemy's soldiers.  In what God was showing me, Joel and I walked down the row and turned to face the darkness.  Then we backed up so we were standing near the flanks protected by God's spiritual army.  I then heard the chorus....."Our God is an awesome God....He reigns from Heaven above....With wisdom power and love...our God is an awesome God. (Michael W. Smith).

Certainly there is comfort in knowing God reigns from Heaven above and He intercedes for us behind the scenes. I cannot help but think about our friend Linny, and the battle she is in.  Her body fights autoimmune diseases making this liver issue even harder to win.......BUT God.  God is God and He is fighting her battle.....we know that we know that we know that.

I think about two of our grands graduating this year.  Both of them heading off on their own to college, no longer under the daily care of their moms and dads.  We can see the turmoil in the parents as they face the changes ahead, trying not to worry or keep hold of those leaving the nest.  God will be with them, fighting for them.  Just stay calm.
Trips to the doctors, hearing words like biopsy or cancer, heart disease or Lupus.........they strike fear into our hearts.  Yet we are not alone, and we can stand firm in believing God does not want us suffering with disease.  He fights for us, and protects us under the shelter of His wings.  Just stay calm....rest my child.....rest in the knowing.

Recently I heard someone say, "I am so weary of the battle"........And I believe God would reply......"I am fighting for you, my child, just stay calm.  Trust me .......surrender your need to fight and just rest in me. I've got this.  After all, I am your Father.  Come......rest........in the knowing."

Sometimes we gear up for battle, wearing God's armor we are "dressed to kill" as Rick Renner has titled his book on spiritual warfare.  We use the tools God gives us to face the enemy.  Other times our armor is just to rest in the knowledge that God is fighting for us, and responding to that knowing with praise and thanksgiving believing we already have the victory.  We rest in the knowing.

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