Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Will You Join Me In Prayer?

My sweet friend, Linny from A Place Called Simplicity is very very sick and in need of our prayers.  In short, she was not feeling well for awhile, then things continually got worse and she ended up in ER.  A liver test revealed that her enzymes that should be at 20 are at 4,000.  The specialists are telling them she has an acute liver disease, at the minimum it is acute Hepatitis A.  They are still figuring out all the pieces.

Linny is a tiny little woman with a big heart for the orphans.  They have a non profit, International Voice of the Orphans, that supports kids around the world.  They are grandparents, while at the same time still raising 9 kids at home.  They have a total of 14 kids and oodles of grands.  Linny and her hubby, Dwight were called to live and love on the orphans, they love the Lord and serve Him faithfully.

We "met" online and I ran her Knee Team prayer group for many years.  We connected through phone calls, texts and emails until the winter of 2015 when we were able to go to see them while in Arizona.  What a delight to hug skin on skin.  Linny is a dear friend, and has played a big part in my healing journey.   I would expect that many others can testify to the same.

So, not for a minute do I believe that this is part of God's plan for her life.  This is the enemy who comes to steal, kill, and destroy and I know Linny agrees with me.  Let's lift our hearts in prayer for Linny to have full recovery, rejoicing in the healing to come.  Let's pray her liver revitalizes;.....for NOTHING is impossible with God.  And please remember her family.....Dwight and the 9 kids at home.  

Thank you all.........

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Anita Johnson said...

In my prayers too 💕