Thursday, April 27, 2017

I Just Know

There are more times than I can count on my fingers that Joel has responded to my question of "when" with his own "not yet".  When making decisions we would pray about them, and Joel just knew when it was the right time to move forward with the plan, the big purchase, the move.  Whatever it was, he would just "know" when it was time.  It used to frustrate me, because across the board he was right in the majority of those situations.  I would ask him how he knew....and he would say, "I really can't explain it, I just know."

Nearly 50 years later I had a light bulb moment while listening to Havilah Cunnington teach an E- class I'm taking on how we each hear God's voice.  She listed four of what she calls prophetic personalities and the first one listed was a Knower.  When she described how a Knower hears from God and that they just know in their mind and heart what is true,  I finally understood Joel's "not yets" and his"nows" over the years.  She calls this "having a Spiritual gut".  Your intuition from God. I get it now.  We both do!

I am not a Knower.  I am more of a Feeler and Seer, as shown to me in the quiz I took at the beginning of the class.  Bi-lingual in how God and I communicate.  :)  We are just getting into this section, so I'm looking forward to what I learn.  A Feeler can walk into a new environment and just sense the spiritual atmosphere.  They can feel God speaking often through emotions and see him at work throughout their day.  A Seer sees in pictures, dreams and visions.  I really thought everyone saw in pictures.  For me, when I am talking about something or listening to someone talk, I suddenly will see a picture or video concerning the words I am hearing or seeing.  When I meditate, I close my eyes and see visions or videos from God. This has happened at church, while driving in the car, or watching an online teacher.  Pictures pop into my head whether my eyes or closed or open.  Truthfully, I just thought I was hypersensitive and a little west of weird.  I still may be described that way, but now I know why.  God.

So, how do you and God communicate?  Do you hear a still small voice?  Do you see things that others do not?  Do you just know?  Do you feel things deeply?

You see, God wants to communicate with us.  He wants a close relationship with each of us and that is only possible through intimacy and communication.  He delights in His beloved.  He is especially fond of each one of us.  That is how He rolls!  He has a super duper purpose for each of our lives in relation to His Kingdom.  We all have a part to play!

We hear God's voice through knowing, seeing, feeling, and hearing and probably a dozen other ways woven within. What we see, hear, feel, and know is not just for ourselves, but for others. God has often shown me pictures and videos for Joel.  Sometimes they are in great detail, sometimes just in passing. Joel has told me things with such a strong conviction behind them.  One of our daughters told us after canceling our move to Arizona, that she never thought we were going to move there, never thought or made plans that way, because she never believed it was going to happen.  She just knew.

I think it is amazing how much Papa God does want to communicate with His kids. And how available He is to us through the unique gifts He has given us.  If we turn in to His way of communicating and realize this is from God, we open ourselves up to so much more!  And if you were to ask Joel, "How do you know he wants to communicate with us on such intimate levels?  He would answer, "I just know!"

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