Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Birthday Party 105 Years In The Making and a Surgery Ahead

This past weekend we went up north into Minnesota to join Joel's family in celebrating his Aunt Harriet's 105th birthday.  She looks amazing, doesn't she!  Her mind is sharp and even from her wheelchair she has quite a social life at the nursing home.  She is blessed to have her three sons visit her daily.

Harriet and Joel

We had plans to stay in a hotel at a town about 50 miles from Joel's home but it is tourist season and hotels were all full, so after a very interesting evening service by a singer/preacher from the Twin Cities ~~ in a church we had never heard of~~ with Pentecostal preaching ~~we quietly left after 3 hours.....and drove to Joel's brother's cabin in the woods on a lake.  Can I just say it took some praying to get me there...........sooooooooo many opportunities for ticks.  It was beautiful although while driving in the dark, on a hilly, bumpy grass path to the cabin with woods heavy around us, I told Joel, "Someone could kill us out here and know one would find us for months!  Too much TV, right?

 dirt road before grass path to cabin

view from deck

The next morning after a short quiet night, we enjoyed the beautiful view and then headed to a church we had heard about which was only 15 minutes away.  After another lively service we headed into town and the birthday bash.  It is always nice to see Joel's family and to be able to go to Harriet's party was fun.  After more miles on the road, we arrived at one of our family's homes, where we enjoyed our grands, good food, and a good visit.  Monday Joel went off to find his favorite bike trail, riding 20 miles in familiar home territory, then visiting his family church and graveyard.  We arrived home last night after a stop in the Twin Cities to see my sister, Gr. Jo to our kids.

We are both a bit tired today, but getting ready for tomorrow, when I go in to the dermatologist for more surgery.  Five weeks ago I had a biopsy on my back which resulted in a surgical excision.  They tested what was removed and could not come to a general consensus of what it was, so sent it to Mayo Clinic in MN.  They diagnosed it as a Melanoma.  It is shallow so at this point I will not need chemo, radiation or node removal.  But I will need a bigger chunk removed and will end up with a six inch scar.  If that takes care of this, it will be worth it.  This is my third diagnosis of some kind of cancer in 7 years and it has more than shaken us up.  Especially me.  I am coming to terms with it, but it does seem unusual that someone who has not seen the sun for 40 plus years ends up with Melanoma.  I was told by my regular doctor it was precancerous, no worry, and no hurry......Then I was told after the biopsy that it was NOT Melanoma.  After the excision I waited 3 weeks to get a diagnosis ~ Melanoma.  Throughout this time God has been speaking to me, and asking me to trust Him.  I have received the verse or forms of the verse in Exodus 14:14  at least 39 times in the past four months.

"The Lord will fight for you, just stay calm."
"The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still".
Exodus 14:14

This morning when I was meditating I saw "little Renee" skipping and climbing over slate rocks and and hilly ground.  She beckoned me to follow.  Then she took Jesus' hand and they walked together with me holding her other hand.  Jesus patted little Renee's head,  looked at me and said, "I was with her".  Then while walking,  He put little Renee on His shoulder and took my hand, saying, "I am will you now, too."

When I look back at how Papa God has cared for me my whole life, I really owe Him my trust.  Tomorrow we pray they find nothing else on my skin, that the surgery goes well, and we give thanks to God for His faithfulness. Will you join us in praying?  And we give thanks for the 105 years Harriet has had on earth and the many people she has blessed throughout her life.  It all is an adventure in faithful living.


NanaNor's said...

Thank you for alerting me to what is going on. I pray in the powerful, mighty healing name of Jesus that His blood will flow over this surgery and heal you completely. May it be done according to His name.
Lifting you up and will check back in.

NanaNor's said...

Been praying for you all day sweet sister.

Renee said...

The surgery went well and nothing else was found on my skin. I'm resting a lot and following Dr's orders. Thanks for your prayers!!