Friday, September 1, 2017

Feathers From God

We have been making plans for our trip out West to Bethel Church in Redding CA.  As we prepare to drive 28 hours toward's the # 1 place on our "Adventures In God" list, anxiety has risen up in little ol' me. All the preparation to go, plus the what ifs, the finances, the hotels, etc.  God is not surprised by the worry that rises up.  He has made it perfectly clear that He is leading the way.

We will be sitting under Bethel's ministry for 10 days, staying in a church member's guest home called "His Healing Wings"......renting a room and having access to the living and cooking space, etc.  A new adventure to share a house with others who desire to sit under this ministry that draws thousands from around the world.

I have been asking God for a verse to hold on to during this time of planning, traveling, encountering, and experiencing new places and new people, and more of God.   The verse God gave me comes from Psalm 91....... He sent me this verse when I was going through radiation and I wrote about it HERE.  I printed off a picture sent to me by a friend in 2015 that brought this verse to light.  It still is taped to our cupboard.

 He has once again sent me verse 4 of Psalm 91 several times.  First on Facebook and then through a Pinterest email that sent me several different Bible journaling pictures of the same verse all at once AND not at my request.  I just know they came from God.

One of the Pinterest pins sent to me

God also reminded me of His promise this week when Joel came into the house carrying a big feather.  "Look what was outside the door", he said!  It was a feather from an owl that has been taking up residence in our yard.  Today, yet another feather, this one small and dainty. Do you remember that the name of the home we are staying in is "Healing in His Wings"?   Those same wings that cover us and keep us safe.    Isn't God just amazing?

God's reminders

God knows me well, and being safe is a big issue for me.  Sozo ministry has broken the chains that bound me to a fear that controlled my life in ways only Joel knows about, but there are still moments in time when it resurfaces.  God in His infinite patience and love keeps reminding me of His promises....He is my place of safety........

He is your place of safety too.  Your refuge as you experience your own adventures with life.....and new adventures with God.  It is a promise for every one of us to hold on to.

When we do head out the door and climb into our comfy new-to-us SUV, we will be bringing along the feather He provided, as a reminder that He does cover us with His wings.  He is our place of refuge.


NanaNor's said...

Dear Renee, I'm so excited you are going to Bethel~I've wanted to for years, even when we lived in Ca. You will be blessed beyond measure. So thankful that you will be there for some length and are able to stay in the home of some of the fellowship.
Can't wait to hear what the Lord does; be prepared for the Gold Dust.
Sending hugs and prayers your way.

Anonymous said...

Are you okay ? I'm afraid I'm one of your many readers that haven't commented much, but I'm concerned as you usually write very often and I enjoy
reading about your perspective on life and admire your insight.
Hope all's well,
from Leah

Renee said...

Thanks for prayers was so amazing! It was beyond our expectations I think.. I don't want to move far from family, but I sure would like to call Bethel home!

Renee said...

Hi Leah
Sorry I did not respond before....I actually forgot about checking comments! And I did not write about being gone until we returned. Thank you for your concern and for coming by here. Blessings to you!