Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Floodgates

The water just keeps rising....record floods.....record rain falls.......causing record 911 calls......record rescues.... yes, the water just keeps rising.  It is heartbreaking to watch homes hidden under dark liquid that is relentless in it's pursuit to go where it wills.  I am caught up in the stories shared by those rescued, and the willingness of volunteers to risk their own lives to save those who are desperate for help.  We hear and read about such a "us against them" mentality in our country, it is comforting to see people put politics and prejudice aside to do what they can to help those in their city.

I expect there are some who question where God is in this disaster.  Some may believe He has caused it and that is certainly not close to being true.  Ann Voskamp spoke of God's tears mingled in with those of His children during this or any terrible catastrophe.  He is not surprised by this, but He did not orchestrate it.  Our world is broken, choices are made, nature gets out of control, weather is affected by climate change and more.  He weeps with His children.

It is still going on, this relentless storm that keeps circling Texas, going out over water and gaining power and then heading back to land.  It is hard to comprehend the 50 plus inches of rain and I cannot imagine the despair in places like Rockport TX where everything is gone.  The landscape has changed to the point that citizens are grieving a world that no longer exists.  God have mercy.

I read a post today about a Baptist college professor who is in his home with his wife and five young children.  Triplets under age 1, an 8 year old and 5 year old.  They are staying in their master bedroom, watching the water close in on their home.  Tornado warnings find them in the bedroom closet.  It is heartbreaking to hear him question, "If we flood, how can I get on my roof with 3 babies and two young kids?  Lisa Buffaloe has written about her own family in Texas and Beth Moore has written a beautiful article about "her Houston".  She mentions agencies where people can offer help of all kinds. Wonderful relief agencies are heading to Texas, and there are many reputable ones where you can give from your pocketbook if you cannot give of yourselves.

Our hearts ache for Texas, and parts of Louisiana.  The challenges ahead for everyone will be long lasting and so so difficult.  It may be hard for people to believe that God is with them.  It brings to mind the woman who was separated from her teenage girls.  She was rescued from the water by volunteers with a boat and reunited with her girls.  She kept saying, "God is good.  God is so good."

It may be difficult to grasp in the midst of tragedy, but God is bending His ear to hear the prayers,  and God is releasing His love and power for all those walking through this valley.  When I watched the endless stream of people walking through water to dry land, the boats rescuing people from their homes, and the helicopters rescuing desperate people from their rooftops, I could not help but see God working through the people who are reaching out their hands.  Thank you God for the goodness of people.

The floodgates have been opened with a 500 year flood.  As we join together in prayer I believe God will continue to open HIS floodgates, His blessings over His created ones.  Hurricane Harvey has  been persistent in his destruction.........but God.  God will be persistent in His blessings.  We live in the hope for a better day ahead.

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