Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Just Stay A Little Longer

local park 

It is a beautiful fall day here in our corner of the world.  The trees are showing off their vibrant colors as the sun shines in a clear blue sky.  The winds are bringing a chill, warning us of what is to come.  Snow.  I am already hearing the "B" word.... A Blizzard is a probability north of us in our homeland ~ Minnesota.  We could see 1-2 inches of the white stuff here.

I am not ready for it.  We were gone the month of September so it feels like Autumn was brief this year.............and yet November is almost upon us.  Each of the 4 seasons has something to offer, but I will always ask Autumn to stay a little longer.  We find the furnace days of Winter draining.  But they come and they go......just like the seasons of life.

During our prophetic session at Bethel, one of the ministers made a statement in his prayer that made both Joel and I laugh.  He said, "Lord, when they look in the mirror and see their old bodies, let them say, Thank you Lord for another 30 years ahead!"  We laughed because my forever positive and energetic hubby has said that to me before.  "We've got another 30 years together!".  That would make me "only" closing in on 100 and Joel nearly 102.

Attitude can be everything!  We know one man who speaks of how old he and his wife are on a daily basis.  How the nursing home beckons them, how at their age they should expect to be sick.  "Gotta die of something".  Life can be fragile for sure, but I don't know if I ever will hear my husband talk like that, and I am grateful.  He does not live in denial, but he does attempt to live each day with joy, finding gratitude in the small the colors of Fall....the ducks flying overhead, the squirrels burying their food for winter.

Autumn beauty

I hope you are able to take a moment to feel the leaves crunch under your feet, see the vibrant colors as Autumn shows off her beauty, smell the crisp air, and listen to the ducks and geese flying through the sky.  Fall is soon leaving, and we will hold only memories as winter settles in.  So for today, I am embracing Autumn and even as snow looms, I plead with her as I would a loved one who comes to visit .....stay....just stay a little longer.

our living room view

neighborhood tree

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