Thursday, March 22, 2018


Recently we stopped at our favorite popcorn store on our way home from our oldest and her family's home in Wisconsin.  The store is a combination of great popcorn snacks, and gifts.   We saw a plaque hanging on a wall that drew our attention.

It will leave you speechless
Then turn you into a storyteller."

We love adventure.  Every time we get in the car and head somewhere we have not been before, we get excited.  A new adventure awaits us!  We also love the adventures in faithful living that God brings our way.  Our adventures in life and travel make for some great stories to share.  We saw that when we were with two of our grands (and their parents) this past weekend.  We had stories they had not heard, and their curiosity kept us talking!

I am reading a book titled, "At Home In The World" by Tsh Oxenreider.  It is the story of a family of 5 who sell their home, grab their backpacks and spend 9 months traveling around the world, spending "a rather ordinary 9 months in an extraordinary way".  An adventure to be sure.

We have friends who have spent the past two years preparing for a great adventure of their own.  They sold their home, purged their possessions, and soon will become full time RV'ers.  Their dream is taking off as they retire and refire on the road.  Another way of living in an extraordinary way.

Not everyone is eager for the kind of adventure Tsh Oxendreider and our friends are launching into, but I can guarantee you that there is enough adventure occurring in our own backyards to leave us speechless at times.............and turn us into storytellers.  The ordinary does often involve the extraordinary.  Most adventures are good, some are bad, and there are even a few ugly, but as we tell our stories one thing is consistent.  God.  He is in the midst of it all.  There is not one adventure I would want to step into without Him by my side.  Not one.

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Anita Johnson said...

Always enjoy the stories you tell!