Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday's Scribbles

It has been a while since I opened my blog to write from my heart.  I have been struggling with my eye.  At times the large blister of fluid from a leaking vessel and under the retina is causing me to see strobe black and yellow reflecting lights when I look at bright light, go outside, watch TV or get on my phone. It stinks.  Doctors have different explanations for it, but we know it improves when I get the eye injection, so it is related to the swelling and blister in my eye.   I am wearing sunglasses to watch TV, have a lowered the screen light on my phone, and am wearing sunglasses as I type this today.  White is just too bright. At this point the eye injection is slow to help.  It is definitely in God's hands.

On a positive note, every since our friend from the hills of Kentucky prayed for me, my energy has returned and I am now walking 30-45 minutes a day for the first time in 3 years.  It has to be inside, but I am still walking.   Yippee.  Joel has been busy biking.a lot and in the past 5 days he has put 100 miles on his recumbent.  Yippee, and can you say AMEN?!

The weather has finally been cooperating and we have been able to have the windows open, get some fresh air, and enjoy our singing wren family.  Nice.

We have been missing our family since our celebration.  Today I read something one of my favorite authors, Christie Purifoy, wrote about seeing some of her family.  They live a distance away and don't know each other as well as they would like.

"Our family has roots and wings in equal measure. 
 It hurts sometimes, but is also good and beautiful.  
It is complicated like most blessings."

This definitely applies to our family too.  Our kids were given roots and wings and it can be difficult to not see them as often as we would like.  It is sad and complicated, but looking at how each family in our circle does life, it is a blessing.  They have created beautiful lives.

Way too soon our friends here in this corner of Iowa will be moving into their dream of being full time RV'ers.  We will miss them greatly, but have only good thoughts and prayers for their new adventure with God.

Moving on, we are thankful that our recent storms were filled only with heavy rain and not the tornadoes that hit SE Iowa.  What a mess.  Thankfully no one died, but injuries and loss of property are difficult enough to deal with.  I don't think I could ever live in a house without a basement in our corner of the world.  And what about that duck boat that went down in Missouri.  Wow.  They were not given life jackets when the predicted storm hit......17 died.  Someone messed up there royally.

We are loving our new Bose speaker our children and their families gave us for our Anniversary.  We play a lot of music through Amazon Prime but also go online and listen to teachings on You-Tube or at Bethel TV, streaming them through the speaker.  Loving it.  What a gift!

My sister Jan is gathering with family today and 7 great-grands will be there.  How fun.......and how time marches on.  Our oldest grand will turn 20 this fall and the youngest is 10.  It will not be long and we will move from confirmations and graduations to colleges and then weddings.  Time.....In the winter I wish it would go faster, but in the summer.....linger.  Linger on.

Hope your summer is going well.  Have a wonderful weekend and take in a little sunshine.

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