Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Amazing Day!

No matter how you voted, or if you did, I believe that today is an amazing day for our country, for our world, for our family. Today is the inauguration of our first President of African American descent. A President who blends the races not only in his ancestry but his beliefs. I believe that our country has taken an enormous step forward and I am not so sure I expected to see this happen in my lifetime. For me it means we are one step closer to having equality for all people.
If you have looked closely at my family in this photo, you will see that we are a rainbow of God's people. Five of our seven children, their spouses and significant other, and a happy mass of grandbabies gathered for this photo at Thanksgiving. Our family represents several countries, a variety of races, and 3 political parties! There are no others that Joel and I love more. Our family, and especially our children, have at times experienced first hand the racism that can exist when people cannot look past the color of one's skin. Today we are rejoicing in seeing our country move forward in the journey for peace here and in the world. It all begins with acceptance, love, and hope.


Jan Lyn said...

Hello Renee,
I finally got around to linking my blog as you did to yours and it couldn't be on a better day. I had tears of joy to see this post, the truth contained within and the beautiful photo of your family. You are truly blessed! What a great family and a wonderful love displayed.

Renee said...

Thank you Jan Lyn. We are blessed to have such a large and diverse family. It is not all a bed of roses, but no family is! We are so thankful for the family God blessed us with and our grandbabies~ what joy~!