Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Never Early, Never Late

Almost every morning my husband Joel and I have devotions together before he heads off to work. We read from the Daily Guidepost devotional and at this time we are also reading one of Max Lucado's books, "Safe in the Shepherd's Arms". Today on January 6th, ~ Epiphany~ we found comfort in these words from the Daily Guidepost reading ....

"Teach us Lord to trust you and wait...
Your timing is perfect, ne'er early or late"

It feels like we have waited so long for our other home to sell, for my health to improve, for God to resolve our situation. We have been blessed beyond measure during this time, but every once in a while we lose our focus and the worry starts to creep up behind us and whisper words of fear and doubt in our ears. It seems that quite often during these times we are blessed to hear just the right words of comfort and affirmation. Today we needed a double dose, I guess, because when we turned to Max Lucado's book and continued reading a chapter we had started yesterday these words jumped out at us!

You are a great God ~ Your character is Holy~ Your truth is absolute
Your strength is unending ~ Your discipline is fair
Your provisions are abundant for our needs
Your light is adequate for our path ~ Your grace is sufficient for our sins
You sent your son in the fullness of time and will return at the consummation of time
Your Plan Is Perfect
Bewildering~ Troubling~ Puzzling
But perfect

Lord, we come before you with humble hearts asking for your forgiveness for doubting your plan for our lives. Give us the patience to wait for your timing...you are never early and never late.
Give us the strength to bear the burdens we carry and let us be a witness to your goodness.
In Jesus name


Chrissy Joy said...

i think it's wonderful when God makes sure you hear things twice. it's very affirming. i hope the time is coming soon however for things to improve. i've been praying for you.

Renee said...

Hi Chrissy
Thanks for your prayers! You are in mine also. God will work it all out for us, I know, but doing my part means keeping my head above water and my focus on the Lord and His plan! I am "incredibly human" when it comes to that :)
God bless

Jan Lyn said...

Beautiful....and how wonderful to have ongoing spiritual times with your husband.

Blessings on you both and may you have some wellness in the coming year!

Renee said...

Thanks so much Jan Lyn. I do feel very blessed!