Saturday, August 8, 2009

God's Details

I never cease to be amazed at all the beautiful flowers God has made. Every single one was created with delicate detail ~ sizes, shapes, and colors unique to each. Some grow well in the shade, others in full sun. When they get just the right amount of nourishment and sunshine, they flourish. Each flower is unique, not unlike people.

As God's children we are created by Him with amazing detail; in all sizes, shapes, and colors. We also “grow” and “thrive” in different environments according to our needs and God’s purposes. When we get the right amount of nourishment and Sonshine we also flourish! Whether a beautiful flower, or a beautiful human being, our Creator knows exactly what we need.

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RCUBEs said...

I don't have any word but "Amen!"

God bless and have a great weekend!

Jillian said...

So true! So beautiful! How I am in awe of the flowers because I know who created them.

Charlotte said...

Amen Renee. I totally agree. Thank you for sharing with us.
Have a wonderful Spiritual Sunday.

SmilingSally said...

You made some very good points. Our maker knows what we need and provides for us. Thanks for sharing. Happy Spiritual Sunday.

Lisa said...

That is a lovely flower! Such a beautiful color. We are indeed flowers in God's garden.:)

Cathy said...

A precious post ~ I adore beautiful flowers too. Your picture is beautiful.

Clif said...

Good, encouraging words. Thanks for posting.

Mevely317 said...

What a marvelous chemist is our Maker!
I, too, am head-over-teakettle in love with the Autumn season ~ and so enjoyed visiting your site.
I'll be back again .. rooting for ya!

Warm wishes,

Puna said...

What a beautiful flower and a beautiful life!

Jan Lyn said...

How comforting and how beautiful. I too, share your love of flowers in nature as well as your great love of God.

enchanting cottage said...

My first thought was AMEN!!

kymber said...

Beautiful thoughts today Renee! Everytime I stop long enough to really see the beauty all around that God has created I am in awe of the love and beauty that He bestows on us.

I am so glad that you stopped by to visit on Sunday - it is so nice to meet you!

I look forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you better!
Blessings on your day today,